Windows Media player not getting closed

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the problem that am facing with the windows media player is that its not getting closed even after clicking close.."it runs in background"

obviously , i cant see it ...but can hear the sound of the video or song am playing.

though am not using it for anything , but if i accidentally open it , i will have to kill the process from the task manager...

am using vista x64 SP1. i incidentally i remember having the same problem in vista x32 sp1 too...i guess long long time back.though it may not be correct.

a help is really appreciated.

wonder if anyone has faced this weird problem :-?


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I've faced this issue before & found that there is a codec that is running in the bg, if it's the same case with you then this behavior shouldn't be with videos of other compression methods.

Also check your taskbar if you can see any codec icon, ffshow or something similar. Try re-installing the codec pack.


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oh yes, its not happening for audio....btw , i don't have any external codec pack installed in my system.
just KMP, Quick time that's all


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^ KMP could very well be the culprit.. happened to me on XP. Though I did not get to the solution as I use task manager a lot.


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It is a bug inside WMP, has happened to me too..
Try reinstalling the codec pack that u use, or i wud recommend u to use any other player for playing multimedia. Personally i have likes for VLC as it plays almost all formats, except a few, For such issues use StormCodes, my favorites.
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