1. ashish1224

    Help! Help! Building my dream rig(40k).

    Hi everyone, My dad just allowed me 40 k to buy my dream rig. I have been waiting for this for so long... Gonna buy on 20th of Jan. I am gonna use this system for all sort of stuffs: watching movies, games, study and what not. The budget is also somewhat flexible. Did lots of research on what to...
  2. M

    Digital Camera

    Hi I am looking for a Digital Camera, but little bit confuse with the 3 companies - SONY, NIKON & CANON. If someone sort my issue that would be great. Thanks
  3. avtarkaint

    please solve my problem of usb

    i m always getting this error in my pc all my internal usb drives is dead(not working- not dectecting anything) so i usec external usb 4 port drive, from 5 month now i m getting this sturboen message every time please sort it out my frnds. & some time my pc hang always & dont start & shut...
  4. M

    Is it Possible to switch Host without changing domain?

    Well friends, I wanna ask you that is it possible to switch hosting service without changing the domain name? I think switching hosts don't effect any sort of Alexa/Google Rank of the Domain Pls correct if I am wrong
  5. A

    theme problem

    when ever i tried to change the theme of xp this problem to sort out this *
  6. M

    infected by TROGEN, pls guide me to sort it out

    hi experts, one of my relative told to me last week that, he got infected by TROGEN. i adviced him that, i can give anti virus, so he came to me with hin pendrive.i have copies avast on it.when i connected, my avast warnd me that, it migh having trouble.i have removed. and after shutting...
  7. C

    where is service center for Segate lost

    Hi guys, I have a maxtor portable drive (80GB) its still under warranty.. i had purchased it from Laminton the guys at the shop are saying go to a service center n sort ur self out...i am residing in goa.... any one had ideas where i will be able to trace the service center here...
  8. lywyre

    Where can I get MS Vista tryout?

    Hi guyz. I want to try out Vista for once and then, if it works out for me then I shall register. However, I did a quick surf and a search with and found no link for a tryout or demo or such sort. Is such a facility available with MS at all? If yes, can anybody please point me...
  9. ¦Rage--oצ

    Gaming Mobile

    I wanna buy mobile which can support computer games... like which can run games like Warcraft 3 and so on... can any one suggest me any that sort of mobile plzz help
  10. heartripple

    pc at 22k

    pc at 22k ( extende to 37 k maximum ) hey guys i need a computer for casual computing and some office work. if some sort of speaker would be fine. thank you in advance.:D
  11. frederick_benny_digit

    Gaming Meet-Bangalore guys only..

    I went to this gaming cafe called EDGE in Brigade Road, B' pretty new here so found out the hard way that unless you come in a group with plans beforhand, it doesnt go too well..... Even when I got to play with some other guys, I had to play condition zero instead of Counter Strike 1.6...
  12. H

    Suggest Software to view/set internet bandwidth per program

    Hi, I am searching for a software that will monitor internet bandwidth used by each running application on my computer, and if possible allows me to set upper limit. I remember that ZoneAlarm (personal firewall) did provide this sort of functionality but I cannot install this now as it is...
  13. M

    Method faster than quick sort in C

    Is there any alternate methode exist which is faster than quick sort to sort the arrays in C language. Please tell the source if you have.
  14. avtarkaint

    new problem

    i m getting disk boot failure on startup, yesterday i formated my pc but why i m getting this sort of problem i cant understand.
  15. gsoul2soul

    make flash and then up the Youtube

    Well here's the deal (or problem on my HEAD :( ) I need to make a lil video for a fren... and upload it to "Youtube" It's basically music / Vocal... and photos !! So i was thinking of using Macromedia FLash to make sort of Album types.. but is there any better way ? You know... make...
  16. baccilus

    How is BF2?

    Well I have read the reviews and all which say it's awesome. But what sort of pings can I expect here in India with Dataone -2 MBPS connection? I am sort of beginning to think that counterstrike is the only game that can be played with good pings in India.
  17. blackpearl

    My site is up. Everyone's invited

    Finally bought a domain. It's * I know it's a silly name :)), but since I'm continuing with my old blog I had to stick with the old name. Visit it, and tell me how it looks. All sugestions are welcome. :) There are still a few nagging issues with the site. I...
  18. Manshahia

    torrent problem...

    whenever i download something from demonoid the torrent color gets red and it gives an error saying that device is not ready.. plz help me to sort it out..
  19. chesss

    Is this rock or metal?

    Hey I hav never ben into music but recently i listened to this 'linkin park' in my cousins ipod and since then, very unexpectedly I am in luv with this sort of music. I listen to their album(meteora) like every day atleast 5 times. Its so intense pumpin , just awsome!! exactly which sort...
  20. ~Phenom~

    Running Windows viruses with Wine

    Hi guys , I was surfing and found a cool and sort of funny thing.:p Check yourself... It just isn't fair that Windows users get all the viruses. I mean really, shouldn't Linux users be in on the fun as well? Well... thanks to the folks running the Wine project, Linux users can "catch...
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