1. champ_rock

    need a php + javascript coder

    hi i have some small piece of code and i want to add one functionality to the is a php script and i want to add a popup to that (simple thing for the pros) can someone please help me?? please post here or PM me so that i can chat with u and sort things out..
  2. R

    Mouse right click issues!

    Hi all, I have been facing a weird problem with my Microsoft mouse for the last two days. If you click Start, go to Programs and right click.. you get a context menu whose contents are namely open, explore, delete, rename, sort by name and properties. However all of a sudden my mouse right...
  3. escape7

    Creating a moving image - Need Help!

    Here's the scenario : I have 5 images, how do i make it into one? Like one image appears, then the other comes, then the third and so on... Moving image sort off as in a GIF. I hope i'm clear enough...
  4. K

    tv tuner card remote problem

    I am owning a INTEX TV tuner card for the past 2 months ..for the past two months it was working fine.But suddenly my tv tuner card "remote control" stop functioning from yesterday guys plz help me out to sort out my problem.. Basic troubleshooting done by me to sort out this...
  5. K

    Anyone heard of this company?

    Hello Can anyone tell me if this company is serious? * - It's taken me ages to find a company that has no signup costs, 99% of them charge a start up fee. They pay you to participate and complete online surveys which can earn you up to $25 per survey. I don't...
  6. R

    sort +r ??

    The ancient program 'sort' used options like '+2' to sort the output by the field pos. 3. But now the GNU option for the same is '--key=x,y' but still i am not able 2 get the desired output can u tell me why.
  7. R

    how to know ip address

    hello guys, I want to know someone's ip address while chatting with them. Please help to sort out this problem. I m in big trouble. thanks
  8. N

    About PS2 system connections!

    Hey ppl! I have a PS2 but the TV's sockets for video / audio are all screwed up. is there any converter / adaptor or thing of that sort with which i can use my computer monitor instead? or better still, is there anyway i can connect the PS2 to my system? sid
  9. T

    "*localhost:9100/proxy.pac" problem in IE6

    How do I remove this from my Internet Options settings in windows xp SP2? *localhost:9100/proxy.pac its in : Tool/internet option/connections/LAN Setting. It is VERY persistent and doesn't remove itself after I delete the text and uncheck the box. i think this is some sort of...
  10. C

    What's so special about the Athlon64 X2 ?

    I've been hearing a lot about this processor, but what edge does it have over others. What sort of users and software can expect a major performance gain from these processors ?
  11. godsownman

    Sort in MS - Excel

    How do you sort dates Suppose I want all the entries in my file after the 1st january 2005 to be shown. How is this done. I have selected this format for entering the date 1-jan-05 Thanks
  12. T

    MS Excel worksheet columns not SORTING-PROBLEM MERGED CELLS

    Hello, I could not sort my MS excel worksheet due to the following error. Can any body help how to solve this problem of merged cells. When I am trying to sort MS Excel sheet, this message 1 is coming. And when I checked HELP, the folloiwng messages 2 and 3 appeared 1. "This operation...
  13. C

    help find a program

    i saw a small program called "FRIENDS" its a program where u can chat with the computer it was some sort of psychologist and patient kind of a thing it was a dos program pllzzzzzzzz help me find it
  14. I

    bootable and non bootable

    what makes a bootable disk different from a non bootable disk is it that the cd have some sort of an mbr which gets automatically read?
  15. club_pranay

    Old Operating Systems

    my brother purchased 5 original Windows 2000 pro for his office 4 yrs back... now that he is thinking of upgrading to XP, i was just wondring 1. is it Legal to sell off old Operating Systems? 2. do microsoft ppl have any sort of exchange things? it's very important to be in the white books...
  16. F

    is my hard disk about 2 crash???

    After my gr8 achivement yesterday of transforming radeon 9500 --->>> Radeon 9700pro. I noticed my computer hanged each time i booted after about say 5 mins or 10 mins and immediately whenever i installed a program. I had tried using sumthing called hutil from samsung's website but it didn't...
  17. godsownman

    C programming help

    Please can you tell me how I can mergesort two arrays alphabetically and then print them? If that is slightly difficult it will be fine if you can just tell me how to sort alphabetically forget the array part . I need this for the language C only . Thanks Regards.
  18. K

    Runtime Error

    Everytime i open any web page..I get some sort of runtime errors and then i'm not able to access the page...It asks me whether to debug or not..If i click on "NO" the problem still remains...And if i click "YES" some sort of processing window opens and then nothing happens...The page still...
  19. G


    Hey fellas, me and my friend just cleared the last stage of IGI 2 for walkthrough or help of any sort feel free to mail me at whew IT WAS A TOUGH GAME!
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