1. B

    Sort files number wise

    Hi Guys, How to sort some excel files in ascending or descending order? I am not able to find any option in Choose Details thing. What should I do? * Thanks
  2. S

    After CCNA: CCNP or Server 2012?

    Hi All, I work as a technician @ a local computer store & i have studied Networking, MSCA on Server 2003, and just finished CCNA certification, and i do not have a engineering or a IT degree. I'm looking for a job in Mumbai, so i have some doubts & questions regarding further education and...
  3. R

    VOIP for BlackBerry: help needed

    Hello all TDF members. I have a BB 9500 storm. Right now I am out of India and my phone bills are astronomical due to high call rates. I have tried mobile voip and ivoip dialers and the sort. But none of them work with BB data plans. Can you guys help me here? I need a voip dialer that works...
  4. seamon

    Thermal Paste for laptop.

    Suggest me some good thermal compounds to apply on my Ultrabay GPU. I am interested in IC diamond, Arctic silver V, Coolermaster High performance and the sort. The requisite is that it must have Cash on delivery and within 600 bucks. Worst scenario, I'll go with Arctic Silver V from prime abgb.
  5. D

    opinion on customs phones

    is it a safe bet to buy customs phones? are this phones reliable and not some sort of replica?
  6. NiGHtfUrY

    Windows 7-the memory could not be written ERROR HELP

    My rig is in my siggy. Heres a screen shot of the error I was just browsing on facebook when this happened. Only recent changes i made are installing avast and unisalling avg. This is the first error of this sort that i have received on this pc or rather any sort,error free since...
  7. T

    iPhone 4 not working

    suddenly my iphone 4 has stopped working. nothing is showing upon pressing any button. tried charging with its adapter but nothing is displaying or creating any sound......the strange thing is those who are calling my number are getting usual ring bells but nothing is showing or ringing...
  8. N

    Best Music Online Library_ Bollywood

    Which is the best site to listen to music but with correct filename tags attached ? I mean no Site's name in the end of it. So that one can easily sort music in a good way. I m not looking for software to edit tags . . just the site which doesnt promote itself in the tags .
  9. ariftwister

    Software to Sort Images into Landscape and Portrait

    Hi Digitians, Is there any Software/application to Sort IMages into Landscape Images and Portrait Images And also for Batch Renaming images ??. There is lot of Images so manual sorting is not possible!!
  10. ico

    iPhone 4S - only ~2 days of call history?

    Any way to sort this out? This is idiotic.
  11. doomgiver

    Advice regarding micromax "funbook" tablets.

    need some info/reviews regarding all the different models of the micromax funbook. feel free to post personal experience with them, any niggles, problems, etc. any sort of info is welcome. I am planning to buy one by the end of the month. ty.
  12. K

    Keyboard configuration

    I have installed dv6 2005ax keyboard panel on my dv6 keys have jumbled up...please help me sort out
  13. C

    Buying a second hand piece?

    I was still trying to decide which phone to buy in the 15-16k range and had almost settled on the Defy + when I came across an quickr ad,which offered the HTC Desire HD at 16k. Thing was, its not exactly the Desire,its actually the US version of desire, the HTC inspire.The piece was also...
  14. D

    Excel Problem

    hi every one i would like to discuss my problem i m having large excel data sheet in which i normally apply sorting to sort the data party wise. but database which i download from the net is actually starting with ' and then party name. so when i try to sort data on party it is not done...
  15. A

    C Exercises

    Hello, friends. 2 days ago my friend asks me to create some programs in C which include some algorithms, merge sort, quick sort, binary search tables, double ended queues etc. Since, I mainly use Python for programming and have some knowledge of C, I struggled to create those programs, although...
  16. sganesh

    How to sort html table values using select box

    hi , In below code,How to sort html table column values based values selected in select box. The html content s <html> <body> Sort by<select> <option>Name</option> <option>Surename</option> <option>Age</option> </select> <table border="1" class="" width="400"> <thead>...
  17. doomgiver

    used computer

    desktop/laptop wanted looking for honest sellers expected use : torrent box/linux experiment minimum requirements: pentium 3 or amd equivalent 256 mb ddr2 ram MUST BE ABLE TO RUN SMOOTHLY FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME HARDWARE MUST BE ROBUST AND FREE FROM DEFECTS also, some sort...
  18. Cool Buddy

    Modifying uTorrent mini webUI, only javascript

    I frequently use the mini webUI of uTorrent which can be found here. For a tutorial on how to use it visit How to Install uTorrent's MiniUI for Mobile Browsers | The miniUI is made only from javascript and I know it is not very difficult to modify it. However, I have only very basic...
  19. siddharthmakwana

    stable and unstable sort....?

    what does stable and unstable sort means......? what makes quick sort unstable and merge a stable one.....?(plz give example if possible...)
  20. M

    Cant connect USB Drives on my Lappy-Need Help

    Dear friends, i hope some sort of virus attack efected on my lappy. that, from the past a month or so, i am not able to connect any USB Drives on my Laptop. when i am connecting, it opens, but, i am not able to add or delet the contend inside. while trying, it shows that, "it is write...
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