Useing Parameteic Equalize Setting to during coversion from flac to mp3


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Hello Everyone,

I was working on a concept that i read on head-fi How To Equalize Your Headphones A Tutorial - Community. As the tutorial teaches how to eliminate ear canal, and eardrum resonance by the help of a parametric equalizer. I completed it n developed the E.Q setting in Electri-Q as it was thought in the tread.
Now there only one problem i mostly use my mobile for listing to music while i tried to use poweramp to get correct graph as per the E.Q it simply do not have that many bands to get any where near an exact copy of the E.Q in Electri-Q. Now My second option would be to burn the E.Q setting to the songs itself While its been encoded. I am currently using an 8 gb card with is already runing out of space. So will have to change all FLAC to MP3 during that i wanted to encode them.Now here is the question due anyone know if there is a program that supports Electri-Q E.Q sitting to encode them into the songs itself during conversion or Ripping.

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