My songs getting erased / Cut off from trail end parts : HDD prob ?


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Hi all,

I doono where to put my query, so I am Putting in chit chat .

I am facing this problem from past 1-2 years , that lots of my favorite songs on MY HDD are erased / cut off from end part.

Like i was listening to my song : DU-HAST After a Long time on my nokia N8 and suddenly last few min / sec are cut off and bang new song ,means abruptly the song finished in last moment . AND THE SONG does not ends abruptly I heard about 100 times

This happens to all my yuva, wakeup sid and others songs , those also were full songs and now cut in end…

I put that song in Other phones and my pc and other PCs also and got to know that The song itself is cut off no issue of my mobile !!!

Is this HDD problem ? BAD cluster problem or what ??

Why majorly old and unheard song from long time are affecting specifically ?

Did anyone notice it ?


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When it ends, does the progress bar (on whatever player app) reaches the complete end or it abruptly stops towards the end with some space still to go otherwise.
Does it happen when its a standalone song played or you have a playlist with a few songs?

try this as part of troubleshooting
Use any free MP3 => WAV converter and see if the MP3 gets converted to WAV. Then use any WAV editor app and try opening that file in the same. Does it get played till the end?

Does it happen with any new song files you would save now and play.
What was the origin of the songs in question? Do you remember the source and the device those were played for the first time when you felt all ok.


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@whitestar_999 : I already tried it in WMP and Winamp , Nokia N8 , samsung S2 and also on transcend Mp3 Players .

@patkim : Good question : i tried right now same on nokia N8 : The song Metropolis shows 05.27 mins in status bar , but when it reaches 05.19 .. it stops and skips to next song

This means it does not play entirely...

I will do above WAV trouble shoots at night after reaching home ...

it is mostly happening to songs which i have not heard a while , like 6mths to a year - unheard songs .


@ meetdilip : this means there must be some HDD cluster / bad sector issues with HDD ?

how come Mp3 gets corrupted if it from long time on HDD and not palyed from long time ?

my OLD pata hdd - 9 years - 40 GB , old still holds my songs and videos as it is not giving this type of errors



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if the songs were never heard then most likely they were corrupted from the beginning(bad copy/download).if hdd has some issue then you would be a facing a lot more problems instead of mp3 files corrupted at end only.


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I did yesterday what @patkim asked me

i started converting my songs to wav and when listening winamp , and TA DA.. songs where completely ending.

But many of them also faced issue of clipped end part in wav also ... might be they got corrupted but not all.

Now i have to spend whole month in conversion all my songs to wav and back to MP3 and verify if it is corrupted or not :(

is there any other way around .. any faster ?


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Do recheck back by encoding WAV => MP3 and see if things are OK. Try different bitrates say 128 / 160 /196 while encoding and see if u get any results. Disable VBR (variable bit rate) in the encoder setting if supported.

There could be some batch process options available in some or the other tools possibly.
Tools like CDex (freeware) allow you select multiple files under a folder and its sub folders as well and process all in one go.
Give it a try and see what all files u can get back in working condition:)
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