Need Suggestions on MP3 Player


I need to gift a family member an MP3 Player with budget around 1k-3k.
Primary purpose is to listen to MP3 songs and sometimes radio.
Should be of decent quality.


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Clip+ is 3.8k for 4GB, 4.2k for 8GB
D2+ should be for less than 3.5k if you can find. Try Croma for this.

AFAIK all have expandable memory, not 100% sure about the Sansa ones


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yes, sansa too has expandable memory. further, the sansa can be used with rockbox firmware, which 'unlocks' a plethora of options!


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Clip+ could be sourced from ibhejo below 3.5 after applying some coupons..

Clip zip red & silver from Grabmore site @35##. Just see if you can apply coupon on new registration

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