Portable audio rig for basshead


Hey guys I want to buy a complete basshead portable audio rig which must include a music player,in-ear earphones and dap/amp.Being a basshead I need something which has no comprises in bass section.the bass should be tight and clear and mids and highs should be good too..The iems,amp and music player should be bassy in nature and all of the three components should support each other for full bassy experience.I would prefer combination of both amp/dac so that I can use it with my computer also.I listen to indian songs and few english songs which is mostly encoded in 320kbps but I have got few flacs too.I try to get flacs for indian songs as soon as its available.As you know english songs are easy to get in flac than hindi.My budget is 15000 strict.I need all three of components under this budget.I am getting a deal on headphonezone Buy Shure - SE215 In-Ears+FiiO E11K+X1 Amp Deal Online - Headphone Zonewhich is under my budget and have all of the three components.But being a noob in audio I dont know if it will be good for me and i would definitely like save some bucks if possible if there's cheaper alternative available..One more request i would like you to prefer a pmp in which playlist can be made on the device itself.And kindly suggest a paid/free site from where i can download flacs for both indian(hindi/punjabi) and english songs.Thanks
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