1. Sarath

    [Help] Restoring SMS after factory reset (Nexus 4)

    I performed a factory reset / format on my N4 a few months ago and I haven't used the device since. Now I need to access some of my old SMSes. I would like to know if there is any way to get those SMSes back? Any software that lets you get your old files back? Any help would be much appreciated
  2. ssk_the_gr8

    Govt bans bulk SMSes to quell rumour-mongering for 15 days

    Govt bans bulk SMSes to quell rumour-mongering - Yahoo! News India Government said that one should not be able to send sms to more than 5 people at once but it seems private telcos are taking advantage of this and limiting subscribers to 5 sms per day which is ridiculous. I've heard BSNL is...
  3. krishnandu.sarkar

    Delhi HC removes 200 SMSes per day limit

    Source : Delhi HC removes 200 SMSes per day limit - Times Of India Now that's a great great great news for me :P Hope Vodafone again starts to provide 500 SMS / day on 80/- Bonus Card
  4. C

    TRAI Increases Daily SMS Limit to 200

    SOURCE - TRAI Increases Daily SMS Limit to 200 in India
  5. ico

    Useless SMSes

    These days I'm receiving retarded SMSes regarding Sauna Belt, Property etc. I want to get rid of them completely. How? Some are from LM-Property blah blab and some are from regular numbers. I'm ready to take police action too if the need arises. I called up one number and abused told the...
  6. bubusam13

    Who make smses ?

    :?: Most of us copy bday, shyari, jokes etc smses from the net. I was wandering who make such smses ? I may sound funny... but i was also wandering who make mobile wallpapers like this -->>
  7. K

    your take on the new Anti Spam policy from TRAI?

    I know most of you people will say its just a waste of time and effort, but still. As you must be know TRAI is going through a process of registering the marketing companies so they they will get a specific number from which we will get those SPAM SMSes if we are not in Do Not Disturb (DND)...
  8. shaunak

    How does one get spam SMS's to stop?

    I keep receiving spam SMSes from some guy trying to sell slim sauna belts and other junk. Any idea how I can get it to stop? Can I complaint to some authority? The SMSes arrive from the number: 9918005540 This obviously has to be a VOIP switch. Any idea who hosts this? I could try...
  9. hellraiser

    Best SMS Monster Phone ?????

    Hey folks!!! I use to send SMSes(very huge mailing list..... near about 100 at a time). I am using s60 nokia n73 phone and i wanna chage my phone... Recently i found that s40 device is much better in case of SMSes junkies.. Reasons- 1. s60 device use to write a single SMSes per...
  10. B


    how can i save my smses on the computer for motorazr v3i?

    SMS through Yahoo!

    Hi, frds How can I send more SMSes through Yahoo! or tell any other online way?
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