1. maverick786us

    Buying Skype Credits

    Can someone tell me, how much would it cost if I buy Skype credits to make skype calls in some landline or mobile in middle east? Is it really worth to buy skype credit because a 16 minute call in Muscat costs 296 bucks from Airtel
  2. Desmond

    Microsoft to retire Messenger, replace it with Skype

  3. maverick786us

    Buying Skype Credits

    Can someone tell me for how much would Skype Credits cost if you make frequent International and Inter state calls? Is it really worth to purchase skype credits. Because I made a 16 minute call to Muscat which costed me 250 bucks. So in case of Skype calls, how much will it charge?
  4. tarey_g

    Need Suggestion on Xperia Neo V (ICS)

    Hi, I was looking for a budget android phone (upto 17k max) and found out Xperia Neo is pretty good and in range. But after googling for it more I learned that people are having performance problems after ICS upgrade. Is there anyone in this forum who has got the phone and has upgraded to ICS...
  5. S

    [sub 8k]]Need PC for internet surfing and occasional skype

    Need a PC for my parents. Will be used for : 1. Internet surfing. 2. Occasional skype. 3. Photo browsing. 4. Occasional very low end gaming (like solitaire etc). Configs in mind : 1. The CPU can be pretty low grade. 2. The motherboard can be of very low specs and basic configs. 3. 1...
  6. L

    Counter Strike Source Server

    hey anyone intrested in setting up a Counter Strike Source Server in Bhopal or CS 1.6 Please add me on skype my skype is badinhuman ??? i know how to setup a server
  7. socrates

    10 handy Skype tips and tricks

    10 handy Skype tips and tricks | News | TechRadar
  8. socrates

    Automated Skype Call Spreads Fake Anti-Virus

    Voice call directs you to a website to install a supposed anti-virus. Automated Skype Call Spreads Fake Anti-Virus
  9. I

    using skype other people are unable to listen my voice

    hi.... friends i have problem in my dell laptop while using skype voice call and any other voice chats also.during the call i can able to listen their voice but my voice could not reach to them. can u please suggest me what i can do to solve this.
  10. M

    BEST LCD/LED TV with Internet apps like Skype

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a LED/LCD TV with skype, youtube and the best USB file format support.This is for my parents. I'm looking for 40/42 inch TV.I want to figure out which is the best one in these aspects. My budget is from 40-70 max, Please guide with with my experience
  11. Rahim

    Microsoft to buy Skype

    Source Microsoft has confirmed that it has agreed to buy internet phone service Skype.
  12. C

    Microphone for skype

    I brought Sennheiser HD 202 headphone, that do not include a microphone. Can some one suggest a microphone that i can use with Sennheiser HD 202 for skype chat. I prefer some good quality Microphone, not the basic mic.

    Skype Video Calling for iPhone is Official, Available Now

    All signs have been pointing to this release for a few days now, but we'll admit: we expected Skype to wait until CES next week to pull the covers off what could become its crown jewel service over the coming months. Skype's official iOS client has finally sprouted the ability to make video...
  14. P

    Skype 5.0

    What do you think of it? Like it or not?
  15. T

    Skype for Symbian

    The Skype application for Symbian is evolving to include a new audio codec more efficient and ensure compatibility with the latest Nokia devices. It's in early 2010 that the VoIP service provider Skype has announced a mobile application specifically for Nokia devices and made available on Ovi...
  16. ritesh.techie

    20 Best iPhone Apps

    It is never easy to pick TOP applications from the Millions of apps available for iPhone on the Apple Apps Store, it’s a hectic task. Some apps are best for users who access social networking sites, while some work great for music lovers. Given here is an attempt to enlist Best 30 iPhone Apps-...
  17. rhitwick

    Cisco plans to buy Skype

    Read full story here
  18. MetalheadGautham

    India Threatens to Ban BlackBerry, Google, Skype India > News > Internet > India Threatens to Ban BlackBerry, Google, Skype Guess this means all those who want higher security need to get their own private servers :lol:
  19. celldweller1591

    Canonical Pushes Skype Into Ubuntu Repository

    In an interesting move that now makes it easier to use the popular Skype VoIP program on Ubuntu Linux, Canonical's Brian Thomason has uploaded the first Skype package into the Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" repository. Using Skype on Ubuntu is now only a sudo apt-get install skype away from being...

    Now group video calling with Skype

    New version of Skype, which supports group video calling for up to 5 people. Note: group video calling currently works with Skype 5.0 Beta for Windows only. Everyone on the call needs this version of Skype, otherwise the group video call won't work. Download Source
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