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    modem-need help

    i 've conexant soft 56k based d-link modem. it doesn't have a mic or speaker connection option. i need to use the option available in the sound device. i use skype for voice chatting. when i dial using skype it gives an error "problem with your playback device" some times it gives "problem...
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    frends i wanna know what this skype is ?(in details) well there is lot of hype and hoopla about it these days i gotta know some one plz tell
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    SKYPE -- How to use?

    Hey, Guys, I don't know how 2 use Skype. I just installed it and started dialing my sis's mobile but it did not work.. I put the international code of INDIA "+91" but it does not seem 2 work.. Help me out.. What if I wish 2 call my neighbour ?? :?:
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