1. icekid

    Ads on Skype Soon!!

    * Skype has operated ad-free for so long now they have decided they want ads and coin that it's tasteful no matter how tasteful it is bound to draw a strong reaction from people like me, especially who have...
  2. M

    mobile Skype suggestion

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile to buy but my basic need is that the mobile should support skype and wifi that's it. I have to buy mobile as early as possible so kindly suggest some good mobiles for me if possible. Thanks in advance.
  3. Pragadheesh

    Installation of skpe is blocked in my laptop

    Hi, I my office laptop running on XP, installation of Skype is blocked. Also I'm not able to download the software from internet. So I downloaded the software from a different machine and tried copying it to my desktop. But during Copy, the software 'skype' got deleted from my pen drive...
  4. aytus

    Which is the Best AIO Messenger with support for Voice and Video??

    Tried forum search .. coudnt find an answer. well i mostly use gtalk. but most of my friends use yahoo.. and some hotmail too. i use skype to chat wid family .. lol.. now i want a chat client which shud support all big names ..but shud also support voice and video calls.. shud have good clarity...
  5. esumitkumar

    Installed INTREPId Ubuntu 8.10 now what ???

    Just a nooob in linux : 1. How to install VLC in 8.10 ? 2. How to install good looking fonts like apple etc ? 3. How to install a winamp like player ? 4. I make playlist for my iriver clix 2.0 thru WMP11 in windows ? any similar alternative for linux ? 5. How to install Skype ? Thanks n...
  6. vilas_patil

    Nokia N82 : Wifi : Fring - Great Experience

    Recently I installed Fring Software on my Nokia N82 mobile, and using Wifi connection (at Office) almost for 8 to 10 hours. It’s been such a wonderful experience to have voice chat (skype) with friends and relatives from US & UK. Usually I used to spend hundreds of Rs monthly and that too for...
  7. kin.vachhani

    Installing 32 bit skype on 64 bit ubuntu 7.10

    Can any one tell me how to install 32 bit skype version on 64 bit ubuntu 7.10 version...??
  8. CadCrazy

    Skype Withdraws Appeal Case and GPL Wins

    After last year's case, when the high district court of Munich, Germany, issued an injunction against Skype for selling the SMC WSKP 100 Linux-based WiFi VoIP phone, the Luxembourg-based company seems to be plagued with legal problems once more, this time related to...
  9. T

    Skype Mobile Beta Launched

    Skype has released a beta version of its services for the mobile phone. The mobile "thin" client works on about 50 of the most popular Java-enabled mobile phones from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. The beta version of Skype for mobiles is available worldwide with a feature set...
  10. Cyrus_the_virus

    Skype 2.0 for Linux - Seeing is believing

    Today we’re proud to announce the general release of video calls in Skype 2.0 for Linux. As you may already know, the best things in life are often free and now you can make (and receive) free, great quality video calls on Linux. I thought long and hard about what I could say about this...
  11. S

    suggest a good headphone

    hi all, could you guys please suggest me a headsets with mic that cost less than rs. 1500. i'll be primarily using it for skype chatting and then for listening to some music. i'm not an audiophile :-D
  12. A

    Sony PSP To Have Skype Instant Messaging

    Sony PSP will soon have skype... Source:* More info here:*
  13. S

    How to Skype

    How to install skype on Nokia E65-1.
  14. alsiladka

    Researcher: Leopard's Firewall is a Mess

    Source - Neowin and Infoworld (Full Article) I wonder if he was paid by MS :rolleyes:
  15. vasulic

    SKYPE and nokia 73

    Can i use skype in my n73? anyone using?
  16. S

    The motorala headset for laptop?

    Can I use the motorola bluetooth headset that comes for motorokr for my laptop? basically for music and skype?
  17. B

    Skype Plugin

    I neen a skype web plugin to add on my website, if someone click on that button they connect to me. there is any plugin, i have seen many sites they are using these plugins. :D :D
  18. nix

    bluetooth headset + skype...possible?

    well i want a headset(earphones+mic) to do voice chatting on skype. my present mic sucks...and there is lot of echoing also...i use 2.1 what i say into the mic comes out thru my speaker too :( to get around this problem i thought i will get a headset...i have shortlisted the altec...
  19. techtronic

    WORM SPREAD - Skype worm jumps to ICQ, MSN

    A new variant of the Stration worm, which has been plaguing Windows users for the past year, has made the jump from Skype to the ICQ and MSN Messenger networks.This latest variant popped up earlier this week, according to Chris Boyd, a researcher at FaceTime Communications, who blogs under the...
  20. Kiran.dks

    NEW RELEASE: Skype 3.2 refreshed and released

    Skype 3.2 Popular Free VOIP Software Updates: Importing contacts from more sources – Users can now import their contacts from web based email applications such as MSN Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. The goal is to bring more IMers to Skype. Video Snapshot – Users can instantly capture...
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