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Facebook could lose 80 per cent of users by 2017 !


A recent study by researchers at Princeton University has revealed that Facebook is likely to lose 80 percent of its users between 2015 to 2017. Researchers found that from a study of charts produced by the Google Trends service which shows Facebook searches peaked in December 2012, but have been declining since then.
The study conducted by John Cannarella and Joshua Spechler was modeled after the mathematical adoption rates of communicable diseases, which typically peak before declining.The researchers then compared the growth curve of other online social networking sites with Facebook. According to the report Facebook which turns 10 in February has survived far longer than its rivals, like MySpace and Bebo. The report added that users begin to loose interest in any service after a few years.The report added, that there has been a decrease in the social networking sites daily users, driven by teenagers deserting the site. According to a recent report teenagers are leaving the social networking site in Favour of messaging services like Twitter, Snapchat etc.Social media expert Michael McQueen called it the Levi's Effect. Mcqueen added that the site has been overtaken by people 30 years and above, as teenagers log off. Facebook's CFO David Ebersman also confirmed that the company “did see a decrease in daily users, specifically among younger teens.” It is reported that the social networking site lost nearly $ 18 Billion of its market value due to teenagers leaving the site.


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Princeton engineers predict Facebook may lose 80% of users by 2017 - Technorati Social Media


Firecracker to the moon
Well,After I got into whatsapp,my facebook usage has reduced 80%.Now I vist only to check memes :/


Human Spambot
I thought it should be lot sooner. BTW facebook has become home for kiddos IMO. Even babies and pets have facebook profiles


Deleted my main FB profile many months back. But still have a junk FB account with 0 "friends" and nothing else for websites which require FB login and such.


In the zone
I just log into FB once in a while to check the pics uploaded by my friends (some of them forced me to.. he he)..
Quora and Tapatalk have dwarfed every other online presence for me.
But FB will grow in India as more and more teens will follow the trend and they will leave (or minimize their visiting) once they come to realise that FB has became a junkyard of late.
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Broken In
I do check fb now and then, but really not interested. It has become too boring these days guys. There's nothing too interesting facebook to pull me back into it!


Ambassador of Buzz
I remember the college days when facebook was the coolest thing. everyone was like " abi bi orkut pe hai, fb kyu join nahi kiya". the idea of everyone's updates appearing in a single page seemed awesome. you suddenly became excited at prospect of making contact and being in touch with all your school/ coll friends.

5 years down the line, realization dawns that most of these school/ coll friends are actually strangers whose feed you are forced to read because you have no other option. add to it the constant barrage of game/group invitation and holiday/marriage/party pics, is it any wonder it is no longer cool . watsapp is far better as you are communicating with your known and loved ones sans the extraneous spam


The Power of x480
Staff member
My one of the main reasons for quitting facebook would be the totally wrong way of monitization of facebook. This video shows aptly whats wrong with it.

This have pissed a lot of people including me.


Lost in speed
Comparing to good old times, Facebook is now cluttered by whatever they can fit into your home page with whatever they can mine with your data.
In a single word, Facebook is a feature creep.


Augmented Nerd
Never joined. Always seemed it asked too much information when it first became popular(I was in 10th, I think); it was the coolest thing ever apparently.
Seems like I was right-They are watching. Can't delete my digital footprint, but I can minimize it :-D


King of my own Castle
Very very good new indeed !!!!!! :) Never made account in facebook. Whatsapp is much more personal and direct.

Who wants to read n 1000 posts and garbage other post when they are not even connected to you...
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