1. tech_boy

    Broken LCD Screen

    I own a Acer Aspire 5920 laptop. I got my LCD screen cracked and bottom portion of it has turned white having no signal. The laptop is out of warranty. Please sugggest a solution.Can screen be replaced? From where?
  2. A

    How to improve pings

    Dear friends i have Airtel 3G modem up to 7.2 Mbps, model- E1731 In my modem i have full signal strength then also my pings don't go less then 400 what should i do to improve it.
  3. Sarath

    [] ABS saved my Day and a life []

    I have been a strong supporter of the "Get ABS in your car" no matter what segment it falls into. Today, my support has grown even stronger after seeing in practice it's application as against just merely reading about it. Although it was wrong on my part, do not take it as a way of justifying...
  4. Pratz993

    Can't start WIFI!!

    I have an HTC explorer phone. Till recently, I was using Mobile network which worked just fine. But now there is a WiFi connection in my hostel. When I connect to it the signal comes in white. This is happening for all android phones. Any,solutions to turn it green, so as to use market and...
  5. dashang

    want to buy wireless router

    What i wanted is wireless router that can cover my building i.e wherever i m near building i should be able to access net . I asked 1 computer dealer , and he said due to walls its no use to use wireless router coz it will decrease signal strength ? What to do guys please tell me...
  6. K

    Moniter not getting the signal from motherboard

    We recently shifted the PC to the new home. When connected all the components and started the PC. CPU was running but there was no signal to monitor. We tried removing the battery and connecting again but nothing worked. Even we removed all wire connections and connected again and tried. But...
  7. Cool Comps

    Monitor displaying "No signal detected" even though computer is on

    Weird Problem Guys i know this isnt the place to post this but plz bear with me. My computer switches on but the monitor doesnt recieve any signal and it displays a message " No signal recieved " which i used to get when i switched off the comp. ok now i disconnected the monitor and...
  8. gurujee

    Signal Problem in New Home

    Hi all I have shifted to a new home recently. Everything is better there except the mobile tower signal. I only have only 2 or 1 signal strength in this new house. I have one BSNL and aircel no. . my father mom have airtel and idea, but all have same problem. I think this particular house has...
  9. N

    Signal Triangulation

    I guess this is not exactly the right pace to be asking this..But why not give a try:-) Here is my Problem I am attempting to build a transmitter locating device. so instead of using a single antenna and a S meter, I thought of using a 3 antenna system. Signal triangulation, kind of8-)...
  10. nvrmndryo

    Is this website reliable for buying Product online ?(

    hi , my friend wants to buy LG Audio System-FB162 from . This LG audio system is only available on this site ,so if anyone ever bought any item from this website show green signal for my friend.
  11. lm2k

    complete feature handset under 10k

    hi friends i urgently need u r help today itself i m going to buy a mobile handset for my brother who is going abroad and the considerations 1. Budget--------------------------------------10k MAX 2. Display type and size-------------------------does not matter 3. Form Factor? bar, slider...
  12. K

    Wifi Router Netgear WGR614 problem

    Hi, I have successfully configured this router using a Ethernet cable and able to use internet using wifi as well, but after a interval of 15-20 minutes internet got disconnected and my laptop is not able to find out and WiFi signal as well. I had tried searching wifi signal through another...
  13. Zangetsu

    Ethernet LAN problem

    Hi all, I was using internet on thursday morning till 12:30 am & disconnected net & went to sleep.... then after coming from office @7:30pm I found that my ethernet LAN is not blinking (green + orange LED).it was totally in OFF state. then I called up my cable operator. he...
  14. A

    Bluetooth Dongle advice

    I need a good Bluetooth Dongle for my Pc. Please suggest one having powerful signal strength as i used to own one (cost 140 I sold it as it had weak signal barely 8 meter class 2 i suppose) but i need one within Rs.300 if a good company and much better strength (I read it can go upto 100m if its...

    no signal on monitor

    i was installin windows 7 on my freinds machine,it asked for some drivers in order to continue installation,i went to get my mobo cd,when i returned it was all gone,(blank screen) i restarted the system,and the monitor displayed "no signal", in the cpu all the fans are spinning,can hear the...
  16. V

    Can HDMI to DVI Cable transmit Audio signal also from PC to Monitor?

    Hello, I have Dell SP2208WFP Monitor with VGA, DVI & HDMI input. My PC has XFX HD 6870 which has DVI , HDMI & Mini Display Ports. I have already Connected Airtel DTH HD Set-top box to monitor via HDMI. As monitor has Audio out i have connected one of my 2.0 Speaker to it for DTH. Currently PC...
  17. G

    TV Tuner Trouble!

    guys, i got a 6 year old external TV tuner Card from my cousin which is Odyssey CRT TV BOX QS8838. It did not have an adapter so i used the adapter of my teracom Adsl modem which fitted perfectly. First of all I used this on a Samsung 933 LCD monitor and it showed the starting screen written...
  18. S

    Pls advise on dual-sim phone purchase

    Hi, I am planning to purchase a dual-sim phone. Primarily I am looking for the following 2 things 1) Signal reception should be excellent (Place where I am living having signal problems, so this is my first priority) 2) Long Battery life 3) No touch screen phones please Other features...
  19. dare_devil

    Basic mobile with high signal reception strength under 5k

    I need a basic phone with high signal reception strength as network strength is low at my place. Good keypad is must. Not going to use for other than calling and recieving calls.
  20. R

    Best wireless router for home

    Hi, could someone recommend the best option for wireless router for home use? Between Linksys WRT54GH and Asus rtG32, which would be a better option? Since WRT54GH has a builtin antenna, i am concerned about signal strength. My priority is good steady signal. Thanks Ramesh
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