Moniter not getting the signal from motherboard


Right off the assembly line
We recently shifted the PC to the new home.
When connected all the components and started the PC. CPU was running but there was no signal to monitor.
We tried removing the battery and connecting again but nothing worked.
Even we removed all wire connections and connected again and tried.
But no use.

Not able to figure what is the problem.

Your help is needed.


BMG ftw!!
change monitor's cable or try to remove any gpu if you have, from motherboard.
Run PC in minimum config & post the result. Your problem can be the result of many problems. So, not sure about it.


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The same problem was coming to my MSI motherboard so I contacted the MSI service Center. They said that during the rainy season it is not recommended to assemble/dis-assemble computers as there my be some short-circuit in the mobo due to the presence of excessive moisture in air. In my case none of the USB ports, DVI, VGA or HDMI display output were working. So I submitted the borad for RMA.
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