1. bukaida

    Good Non-touchscreen dual sim phone

    I travel a lot and already have two android touchscreen phones (Samsung galaxy Y and Sony Experia Pro). My workplace has poor signal for BSNL ( Cannot leave that as it is postpaid and 12 year old number, no MNP for postpaid so far from BSNL). So another connection from different operator is...
  2. rohitshubham

    Wifi Issues on my tab/router

    Hey, i bought a BSNL Penta IS703C two months back. the problem is that i have a D-Link Dir 600 router at my home by my tablet doesn't detect it. It detects every other wireless signal present, that of my neighbors,public places etc. but not my router's signal. And every other gadget in the house...
  3. M

    Some opinions!!

    I folks you guys are really great help. I am travelling to India next month and had a question in mind. A local store here in Canada has a sale on Tv's and giving out LG55LM6400 for 800$ which is equivalent to around 45000 INR. Is it a good investment rather than buying a TV from India even...
  4. R

    Need a modem+router within 3k

    My dlink 2730u adsl modem+router just doesn't power on.Anways I wasn't satisfied with the performance.Looking for a modem+router to use my bsnl bb connection on my pc as well as share it across different wireless devices in my home.I live in a two storeyed house, so I need the range of the...
  5. nikku_hot123

    Weird problem with external Tv runner card.

    My enter external TV tuner card is not showing any display unless i turn on my CPU. Whenever i am trying to turn on my card without turning on CPU " no signal detected" is coming. Earlier it was running fine. Plz help
  6. Ronnie11

    Looking to buy a Repeater...

    Hey just some time back,i had purchased an Asus RT N13U B1 router for my wifi use at home...Its well worth the money and i am more than satisfied with this product...But my problem in my house is that the router signal doesn't reach the whole house because of too many walls and other...
  7. T

    Need a wireless repeater to extend wifi signal

    Dear friends I have my office at ground floor , having wifi router cum modem D-link 2750u i have my room at 2nd floor where i dont get any wifi signal ... please suggest the device which i should buy to extend the signal of my wifi modem ...also i can't do any wiring at home
  8. Bhav

    Help suddenly screen turns off and monitor shows no signal

    My PC config are Motherboard- Asus M2N68Am-Pluse HDD- 320 gb Possessor- AMD Athlon II X2 240 Power supply - corsair 450w b series Graphic card- MSI 9400 GT RAM- 4 GB Transcend(800mhz) Windows 7 64bit ultimate when i have install 4gb ram then my PC boot and run for some time then...
  9. debarshi

    Using Spare Dlink router as repeater

    Hello I use my ASUS RT-N12LX for connecting my wireless devices to internet. But signal in some rooms are really low, and I have a spare Dlink DIR-524 lying around. Can I use the spare router as a repeater to compensate for the low signal in some rooms, if so, how, because I just cant...
  10. G

    Bsnl evdo coverage in gurgaon

    Hi, I' ve been thinking of getting the BSNL EVDO card with the unlimited plan for rs.750 but I'm not sure if I'll get a good signal. Anybody know if the signal is any good in the sector-22,23,21 area's of Gurgaon
  11. M

    Looking for good signal range adsl2+ router.

    I am looking for a good signal range adsl2+ router for mtnl broadband. (mumbai) The Signal Range should cover approx 2500 sq ft of residence. Max Budget 4K. Router with Usb Port for external preferred but not a deal breaker. I have shortlisted a few mentioned below. However alternative...
  12. A

    Wifi Router advice

    I require a Wi-fi router (already have Airtel 220 BX ADSL2+modem) the pre-requisite expected in the router are as follows: 1) It should have a range of at least 75 feet with continues strong signal 2) Should have USB port. 3) Has provision of detachable antenna. Incase I need to install an...
  13. Myth

    OnBoard Graphics not working

    Removed the discrete graphics card(drivers not uninstalled) from the motherboard. Plugged the monitor cable to the mobo's onboard vga slot. I can hear the system booting up normally but nothing is displayed on the monitor. The monitor doesn't show a 'No signal' error message though. At the top...
  14. R

    PS3 to Laptop display?

    Hello guys, can someone tell me whether THIS can be used to connect PS3 to laptop screen? Description says it supports resolution upto 1920x1200, PS3's A/V cables can be connected to it. hence ouputting the PS3 signal to laptop screen? Someone asked me, hence posting here just to make...
  15. S

    upscale analog tv signal

    Hello friends.I bought a new led tv and analog cable looks very please suggest me any way to upscale my analog tv signal.dth is not so friendly in my place...please answer quickly..:-(
  16. zacfx05

    help d-link 2730 and netgear N150 wireless router

    hello friends, i have a dlink adsl wireless router (150N, D-Link DSL-2730U | Router | working with my bsnl broadband, recently i got a Netgear N150 wireless router from a friend , at first i taught of using it as the adsl modem but later i understood its a router only, so is...
  17. Skynaveen

    Use Router as amplifier

    I have two wireless modem routers at my house. Can I use the extra one as a signal amplifier for the other?
  18. P

    Getting wifi signal but can't access internet

    Hello, i am using dell inspiron 14r until yesterday everything was good i was able to access internet but suddenly i am not able to get access....i mean i am getting wifi signal perfectly fine but it is showing no internet access (an exclamatory mark within signal symbol) but i check it with...
  19. kaz

    USB Wireless Adapter buying advice.

    I have a laptop with Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6230 wireless adapter. In my hostel I'm not getting good network (1/4..and also its not connecting to the WIFI) in my new room on my bed but beside mine on my roomie's bed I get 3/4 signal. So, planning to get a USB WIRELESS ADAPTER to...
  20. sling-shot

    N150 D-Link DSL-2730U WiFi but no signal in next room

    D-Link Wireless N 150 ADSL2+ 4-Port Router I have this D-Link DSL-2730U router modem installed on my desktop. I am not getting regular signal in the adjoining bedroom for my mobiles. This should not be normal because the net distance is less than 5 metres. I have attached a rough drawing...
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