1. Cyberghost


    RIDE FAST EXPLORE MORE Ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends.Defy and master the world’s most epic mountains on skis, wingsuit, snowboard, and in paraglide. Go solo or drop in side by side with other players. Record and share...
  2. KRISHI101

    Sony HX60v VS Sony Rx100... which one best to buy?

    i have two model thinking.. Sony RX100 and Sony HX 60v my main concern is image quality... i know sonyRx100 is the best in image quality does Sony Hx60v also best in image quality? i have tour to kerala and i want to shoot natural photos.. i love canon 700d but its not pocket size. So please...
  3. Zangetsu

    The White House gets working Wi-Fi, finally

    The White House had speakerphones from 1985, desktop computers from the 90s, and old black and white printers that printed on only one side of a page. The White House staff used old BlackBerrys Source : The White House gets working Wi-Fi, finally – Tech
  4. A

    cursor stuck

    my cursor is stuck on one side and does not move wth the mouse, though i can use the mouse button functions. before the window starting screen appears the cursor actually moves from the centre to the side and remains stuck there. i went into setup but did not find anything relating to mouse and...
  5. P

    Screen is cut off in games

    The aspect ratio of my monitor is 16:9 and supports 1080p resolution. The problem is whenever I play games, the screen is vertically cut off on the left hand side as if the the game was running at an aspect ratio of 16:10 and then there would be black-outs on either side. But the games are...
  6. V

    Need a Budget gaming Cabinet

    Hello, Need a budget gaming cabinet. My max budget is strictly under 3000 ( or lower will be better) I was using intex generic cabinet but recently i upgraded my system with HD 7770. Now system is very congested. I have to run pc with removal of side case. In my future cabinet i am...
  7. G

    uneven backlighting on redmi 2

    Dear members, I'm troubled with redmi 2. I bought the first unit from flipkart and the lower left side had less brightness. They replaced the unit and now not that significant but the lower side of screen has less brightness than the rest of the screen. Could anyone tell me or show images it's...
  8. K

    Help needed to buy a new HD LED monitor

    Hi, I am looking to buy a LED HD new monitor. My requirements are ... 1) The viewing angles should be great. The monitor display should be clear even if I watch from sideways and even from topside and bottom side. I have noticed tht for many LCD screens when they are viewed from side...
  9. reddick

    Moto e 2nd gen 3G : Buy or Not

    I want to buy this budget phone in single sim variant. It meet my requirements and currently selling on FlipKart for ₹7000 . I just want to make a final confirmation from your side that whether I should go for it or my findings were wrong? Also suggest me for genuine flip cover for the device...
  10. P

    Side panel window cabinet @4250 or less

    hey friends i have recently purchased a gtx 970 from zotac while running a few games (i.e witcher 3) i have noticed that the gpu runs at a high temp (i.e a constant 91 degrees celsius) to remedy this i have decided to buy a new case my budget is 4250 inr any reputed brand (corsair, cm...
  11. bssunilreddy

    Side Panel Window Cabinets under 3.5k

    Side Panel Window Cabinets under 3.5k Anybody? Suggestions Please!
  12. P

    Urgent pc Cabinet At 4-7k

    Hi guys i gave away my main pc to my brother recently,now i have my old rig Here is my config, this rig will be 2 years old this august. Zebronics poor rs700 cabinet Nvidia gtx 650ti booost 1gb (Palit manufactured) 1.5tb seagate Hdd 4gb ram 3.5k elitegroup motherboard Intel pentium...
  13. rakesh_sharma23

    Corsair Carbide Series 100R Case Review

    Corsair Carbide Series 100R Case Review The Carbide series for which Corsair pursues the entry-level and mainstream market, and as we all know that means a low cost product often resulting in stripped away features, style and functionality, but the Carbide Series 100R Mid Tower case has the...
  14. S

    Headphone not working in Keyboard usb

    Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow 2013 Headphone: Steelseries Siberia frost blue(Usb) Problem that I am getting right now is that when ever connecting my headphones in keyboard side usb an error pops up saying that "USB device not recognized...........One of the Usb devices attached to this computer...
  15. dashang

    path for career progression in IT / software field

    Hello, i am software developer in with 1.2 yrs of experience. I want to progress more and on later years i want to be on management side in 7-10 yrs (project manager, operations manager,CIO). what should i do ?
  16. lovedonator

    Cabinet With Transparent Side Panel

    I am using a Corsair Carbide 400R right now.(Rest of the configuration is in my signature). I'm thinking of adding led lights inside my cabinet so I've been looking for a cabinet with transparent side panel. My budget is 5-6K.
  17. R

    Problem With JVC RX700

    Hello Friends ... From last few days facing problem with my JVC RX700 headphone. The problem is , Right side not working as sound is coming but the bass is low compared to the Left side . I tested then on my pc with the Asus Xonar STX sound card also tested them on my Lumia 520 and LG Optimus...
  18. dashing.sujay

    IRCTC improved, finally !

    Well, how quick do you remember booking a tatkal ticket on IRCTC ? Been booking for years, I get to book every now and then a tatkal ticket, every week (coincidentally), so my experience said anything below 10:10 was very good; luck was on your side. But yesterday, I booked one at 10:05. Saw...
  19. small_yet_big

    Side Panel for Elite 311

    Hello, I would like to know whether i can get a transparent side panel for my elite 311. Also please mention where i can get one. I dwell around Calcutta. Online Stores would be preferred. Thanks.
  20. avichandana20000

    External hard disk cooler diy version 1

    My "My passport" is getting hot in this rainless season of 42 degrees. So thought of buying a cooler for it. Accordingly searched in Google but the result cannot satisfy me. So ,finally made cooler all by myself. Requirements: THE BOX ANY 120MM FAN WITH GOOD CFM. I...
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