1. pra_2006

    Help Regarding Team Viewer

    hello friends i want help in Team Viewer, can u guys tell me how can i hide my Firefox Browser from Team Viewer so that i can show only desktop and my computer, i dont want my browsers to show as i type users ids and password or other works thankyou, help will be really appreciated. waiting for...
  2. Vyom

    Mr. Robot: An ongoing cyberpunk–thriller drama television series

    So, I have been following this show and it's supposedly very accurate to the world of hacking that television have ever manage to produce. First a little detail about the show: Mr. Robot Plot from IMDb: Follows a young computer programmer (Malek) who suffers from social anxiety disorder and...
  3. rajesh00

    Deepcool Teseract

    Just wanna show my new buy :wink: Old config though. :razz:
  4. Alok

    E3 2015 Updates Megathread

    E3 2015 : PC Gaming Show PC-Focused E3 Press Conference Announced First-ever "PC Gaming Show" slated for June 16 E3 is going to be especially busy this year. In addition to the regular conferences from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts (as well as Bethesda and Square...
  5. bssunilreddy

    Cooler Master N200 Side Panel Window Modding

    Hi, I have a pic to show. Please suggest me which MOD is better... As for me the above MOD seems real awesome... Thanks & Regards, BSSunil What are the tools to use while modding such a cabby? Please suggest any build logs or links to follow...
  6. theserpent

    Sakshi Tanwar to star in Game of thrones India

    TV actress Sakshi Tanwar to star in Indian adaptation of ‘Game of Thrones’ | The Indian Express
  7. J

    Power amp and foobar issue

    Hi, I have ripped CDs using poweramp to FLAC. I have manually named tracks as per song wordings. But when I try to play it in foobar or any other media player, it does not show title of track and instead it shows only track no. It becomes very difficult to choose songs. How to rectify this...
  8. Skyh3ck

    How to hide or cover Gap in your Resume !!! and get a job

    Hello guys I always wonder at what level a person can go to get a job. Many people leave job for any reason mainly being to start their own business, or family problem. now if the business works its ok, but when it does not say after spending around 1 to 2 year or more than that, and you go...
  9. Zangetsu

    [Stunt] Man Eaten Alive by Anaconda

    US naturalist Paul Rosolie swallowed alive by anaconda for TV show Source:US naturalist Paul Rosolie swallowed alive by anaconda for TV show - The Times of India
  10. D

    Friend/CAller Location

    Dear All I'm using Asus Fonepad. I'm looking for a App. which can show me the callers location ( on MAp.. same like google map). There was on App before in my Nokia Lumia. but I couldn't Remember.. Sorry for my poor memory.. Anywys. Can anyone help me with a Free App which can show me my...
  11. Cyberghost

    tropico 5 discussion.

    I played tropico 4 which is a great game so I'm looking to buy Tropico 5. Can anyone show me a site where I can pre-order this game at indian pricing?
  12. Arjun609

    Best Dock

    Can Anyone suggest a good dock (Less Ram consumption,Quick Startup,Very Customizable)
  13. anirbandd

    SD card not Connecting via USB

    Hi all, I got the MMX A63 mobile. From today morning, i am facing a strange issue.. When i connect the mobile via USB to my laptop, the SD card is not showing up. Only the internal storage shows up, and in the mobile, i can still access the SD card. But if i connect via MTP protocol, i...
  14. S

    Show off your workstation/gaming setup/console setup

    Calling one calling all!! Post pics of your workstation / gaming setup or your console setup. We have got a desktop screen show but no thread to actually show off your whole setup. Along with the pics post a short write up , like the config, when u bought it and any other relevant info! A...
  15. A

    US TV SHOW : Person Of Interest

    So I was looking for something new and interesting to watch and I stumbled across this. Person of Interest (TV Series 2011 I started watching it and after catching up to the third season I realized ..."This is the best effing show I have ever watched after LOST" !!!!! Seriously...these...
  16. N

    Ipod / Laptop Sync

    Hey friends is there a way we could airsync ( over wifi ) movie running on our laptop to ipod? ie if one wishes to watch the movie on his ipod running on the laptop ? :wink: is there any app for this ? :-? Also is there any screen viewer/remote app available which could not only show us...
  17. N

    The Windows Phone XBOX gaming : Post your gamer tag & show off your WP game achievements here

    The Windows Phone gaming achievements thread EDIT: This thread is purely for WP games धन्यवाद (dhanyavad) Hello guys, Lets use this thread to show show off your WP game WP game achievements here. Please post your gamer tags too. lets have some fun. Gamer tag : talktoanil
  18. A

    PSP hack

    hey guys.. my bro has got a new PSP.. just wanted to know if its possible to play the ISO files downloaded from the net.. I tried putting them in the memory card but it just doesnt show any games... will be very thankful if someone can help..
  19. soyab0007

    Comedy night with kapil highest trp rating

    COMEDY NIGHT WITH KAPIL HIGHEST TRP RATING ON INDIAN TELVISION COMEDY SHOW BEST 2013 COMEDY SHOW ON COLORS-COMEDY NIGHT WITH KAPIL(HIGH TRP) :runaround: :runaround: :runaround: Comedy Nights With Kapil (TRP Chart) Week Date TVT(TRP) GUESTS Calendar Week 1 22-23 June 6749...
  20. Chetan1991

    TV show reviews

    Hi. This is a thread to explain in brief what your favorite TV shows are, what genre they belong to and what is great about them. It is not a place for long discussions. There is already a thread for that...
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