1. gdebojyoti

    Gmail problem - a really weird one!

    I just came across this very unusual problem in GMail. I received a mail from Digit. I can see the first line of the email in the subject line (in GMail home page). But when I click the mail, the contents do not show! :o Only the "Dear Sir" can be seen!! :o Clicking on "show hidden...
  2. setanjan123

    Samsung b3210 prblm

    Hey guyz i hope dis is the rite section. My cousin has a prblm has a problem wid hs corby txt. The display had malfunctiond so he hd given it s center. Nw mst apps show insufficient memory. Only very small apps such as calcuphone work. Help pls
  3. K

    How to set up cod 4 server ???? Plz help

    8 of my friends wanted to play COD 4 online. I downloaded d multiplayer game(not genuine):cry: and want to host the gaming session on my PC as a server. PLz Plz show me the Steps of how can I do that. Thanks in advance. :razz:
  4. evilmage93

    Hacking WIFI

    I have cracked WIFI connections (mine, ofcourse :P) using BT and an external router but recently i tried it using acer aspire one lappy with inbuilt wifi router and was unsuccessful. It doesnt show mine wifi device. So i think i already know the ans but still, does BT works only with external...
  5. T

    Satyamev Jayate - Will Aamir bring the change ?

    [source] Please discussion about the show, its importance and viability. Will we see the next BIG change ??
  6. prttal

    Visual fx : Show window contents drag

    There is a windows visual effect which says show window contents while dragging is not working even though ticked. I have even set it to best appearance. Even if I recheck it, it comes back to the problem after restart. Also, in the registry item, the value is set to 1(for best apearance)...
  7. ithehappy

    Possible to send images/pictures in email body?

    Possible to send images/pictures in email body? [GMail- Solved, YMail- ??] Trying it for long, uploaded a pic to tinypic, and copied all the links and pasted, but in email they all show as a link or attachment sometimes. But what i want is to show the picture in the email body, but not as an...
  8. shiwa436

    NTLDR missing..

    Hi friends, when I tried to turn on my system... a msg "ntldr missing press ctrl+alt+del for restart" was showing. by pressing the combination its just restarting my system to show up the same message. I am here with no clue what to do. plz help me in this regard.
  9. pranav0091

    Leaked benchmarks show up for GTX 680

  10. Renny

    Half of India's homes have cellphones, but not toilets

    Census sheds new light on changing nation Though half of all Indians do not have a toilet at home, well over half own a telephone, new census data released on Tuesday show. These and many other contrasting facts of life have come out in Census 2011. The data on housing, household amenities...
  11. B

    notebook battery not charging,show only 6%

    unable 2 charge my compaq presario notebook battery above 6%.its always show 6% on my power meter.some times show 100% fully charged.but i can disconnect power,notebook turn off few minites.plz help me
  12. freshseasons

    Jeremy Clarkson ,BBC Should Apologise for offensive show, India tells BBC

    Source: Apologise for offensive show, India tells BBC - The Times of India If anyone watched the episode i am sure one would think otherwise. What does it take for us to laugh at ourselves.Especially when there is so much to laugh about.Not that whatever was dished on the show was out of...
  13. A

    Hard disk undetectable

    here we go - toshiba laptop hard disk not detectable....a 3 click beeping sound is emitted on start up which doesn't seem to stop... hard disk has been removed and checked and re inserted again but problem persists... m attaching a pic to show you the problem
  14. eggman

    Anyone wants to watch Sherlock Holmes , Dec 31st , 2:30 pm show!!

    [EDIT: Solved] Mods, please delete the thread !!
  15. D

    Animated graph in jsp.

    Hi all, I want to show a graph in my jsp which would get data from my db, and it show show the graph as it is currently drawing, what I mean is ... If the data is from the years 2000,2001,2002....2011 and shows the population the line should start from 2000 and continue to draw till 2011...
  16. N

    Mutual Friends - FB

    Hi, got a question, how come one of my friends does show up in mutual friends - with another of my friends on FB and some that are not my friends, but does not show up in the mutual friends list with some of my friends and few that are not my friends? :?:
  17. E

    post your firecrackers collection

    hey guys as diwali is near its time for the patakas.:grin:please show your firecrackers collection.mine is coming one day before off yours
  18. A

    [win xp] [pls help!!!] accidentally removed shell from avg 2012 internet security

    I accidentally remove shell startup from avg system tools/startup... then i uninstalled avg.. when i restarted my pc.. taskbar does not show.. but my documents pops up automatically.. when i run explorer.exe.. only my documents pops up.. but taskbar and desktop icons does not show.. so i...
  19. panacea_amc

    Nokia E63 network me plz!

    Hello, I m using Nokia E63 with Airtel for past 1 yr. Today, i got a new vodafone sim. The shopkeeper got it activated and even put Rs 10 balance into it. Now in home, when i insert that vodafone sim, it shows no network,,,i inserted that sim into my bro's phone-> it shows network,,even HIS...
  20. gmg9

    Kolkata Android MeetUp (todo..)

    hi friends. its been really a exciting journey..we have been using android and other smart phone/tablet os.. specially android. within very short time the phones becomes our computer type devices.. so r u interested to joinds hands n share ur experiences and show us wht cool thing u hav done...
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