1. Charley

    What is this SOFTWARE

    I've attached a screenshot of a software, located on the 5th from the right or 3rd from the left. It's the green thing with a lock I don't know what it is I haven't installed it. I ran the mouse over it, but it doesn't show the name. Please help
  2. B

    MS-Word Problem

    Hi Guys I was making a chart in MS-Word 2007. First of all when i fill up the values it takes way too much time for the chart to get showed up like one to two minutes, maybe because i have another like 70 bar charts in the same file IDK. And sometimes it just doesn't show the chat even if i...
  3. theserpent

    Commedy Central Banned for 10 days

    Comedy Central ban: The funniest tweets about the 10-day sanction The goverment Has LOST IT Actually you know whats the problem here?Its the old mentality of people, they get offesensed with almost anything s*x related and complain.
  4. T

    Recommendations for a TV Show

    Recommend a TV show. It must be in the Drama genre and must have a very high IMDb rating. Thanx.
  5. S

    Unable to view folder on my USB Drive

    I am facing a wierd problem. I had one old usb drive with data which I need to use now. So i connected the pendrive and it show that 1GB space has been used out of 4GB. Upon opening the pendrive it shows empty. I even tried all the DOS commands to view the directories but DOS shows shows 2...
  6. A

    how to make srt from transcript

    Hi all i have this transcript 00:04 have a hard time entering in numbers that begin with a leading zero, 00:09 for example ZIP codes for cities and towns in the northeastern United States, 00:14 which all begin with the zero. 00:16 In this movie I will show you how to manage...
  7. shreymittal

    WTH!! is wrong with my PC

    I don't know whats wrong going on in my PC please check attachments below Please tell how to upload pic they directly show pics not links Note:- Mods please move this thread to appropriate section.
  8. club_pranay

    Keyboard Keys - Brightness Control

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN series Laptop. Originally shipped with Windows 7 x64 Home Edition(OEM). It had Fn keys combination to control volume and brightness. A nice overlay would show up on the screen to show current levels Fn + F3: Volume Down Fn + F4: Volume Up Fn + F5: Brightness Down Fn + F6...
  9. B

    Need total show off cabinet

    My friend wants to show off between his group so he wants an cabinet to which he can add lots of lights(i will help him in this task), so please suggest something in 2-3k that has awesome looks+ lots of space to add new fans and led strips. Can he get usb 3 in it?
  10. anirbandd

    GPUZ Render Test

    how good is GPUZ's Render test [10-15mins run] in terms of instantly checking OCed GPU?? it does show artifacts when OCing is bad..
  11. S

    Is there a way to delete my account? Admin please help.

    Hi all, Wanted to know who can I ask to delete my account. Is there an email address or alias to reach the admin? I am not able to remove my old posts and threads created by me and its really important for me that they dont show up on google search. I feel the forum should have a provision to...
  12. arun garg

    IS gigabyte B75-D3h good for G630 or I should use ASUS B75-m

    I am planning to change my motherboard ASUS H61-MLX with GIGABYTE B75-D3H but i m slightly confused between this one and ASUS B75-M. Kindly show me the way which one i have to use. My budget is 4500 maximum.
  13. Ankit Omar

    Home Electronic Show in Delhi

    Great news for technology lovers and tech savvy guys like, it’s time to have a close look on new gadgets and upcoming technology in other home electronic products. Home Electronic Show (HES) is almost about to begin, it will be held on October 26, 27 & 28, 2012 in New Delhi, India. Hopefully...
  14. MegaMind

    Laptop doesn't power on..?

    Hey guys, a friend of mine bought a sony vaio SVE15116EN laptop a month ago. It was working flawlessly till yesterday, but today when power on the laptop the power LED comes up & the HDD activity LED blinks for a couple of times and doesnt show up. There is no display on the screen and the power...
  15. Vyom

    Star Trek Anniversary today - "Beam me up, Scotty!"

    We all have experienced this nature of the Interwebs when you start to look for something else and end up reaching somewhere you never anticipated! Similar thing happened to me when I was lusting at the poster of my all time favorite movie Back to the Future on flipkart and suddenly encountered...
  16. R

    hardisk partion disappeared

    I just install re-installed windows on C drive. but my E drive doesnt show up now. D drive is visible.please help
  17. T

    unlcocked 560 it is right or not?

    Dear Friends, I have amd phenom x2 560 processor with gigabyte ga-880gm usb3 mobo. with 8 gb ram. PSU is vip gold 500 watt . with circle ubercool cabinet with 5 fan. I have unlocked my processor now i have 4 cores instead of 2. The windows 7 index show 7.3 with unlocking without it was 6.5...
  18. ramakanta

    Hibernate option

    I have Win7 OS install in my pc. but it has no hibernate option . please help me how to active and show up Hibernate option right side of shut down buttom . please help me. thank you. :|
  19. axes2t2

    The Pencil tool.

    The MS Paint Pencil tool. Show off your ms paint pencil tool masterpiece.
  20. A

    HD Channels!!!!

    I recently bought a LG 32LM6400 3D TV in the hope that the HD TV will increase my viewing pleasure. But only some channels show extraordinary picture quality, why is that happening?
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