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Hi. This is a thread to explain in brief what your favorite TV shows are, what genre they belong to and what is great about them. It is not a place for long discussions. There is already a thread for that:

Let me begin:

My favorite comedy show: South Park
Created by the boisterous and excellent satirists Matt Stone and Trey Parker who couldn't care less about being PC in modern day America, this (Mature Audience only rated) TV show is extremely funny showing potty mouth children with funny voices and excellent social commentary in the later seasons.
I also write summaries and reviews of the show here: *

My favorite serious/ epic/ fantasy show: Game of Thrones
Surely the best show I've ever seen. Excellent cinematography you won't even find in movies. Excellent plot with a very big cast and lots of subplots weaving and crossing paths. Some excessive nudity but what can you do. It can be hard to figure out who's who in the beginning but you catch up within a few episodes. I would highly recommend it to everyone.


That thread has become too long to read. I want only concise introductions to be here. Detailed discussions can continue there.
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