1. panacea_amc

    SLR buying advice for a Novice

    Hello everyone, To begin with I am absolutely raw regarding SLR. And so i need your help on this: 1. My budget is anything between 20K-30K. 2. I am more into panoramic shots, I use the android photosphere most often but am not intending to buy a fish eye lens...
  2. panacea_amc

    SLR Buying advice

    Hello everyone, To begin with I am absolutely raw regarding SLR. And so i need your help on this: 1. My budget is anything between 20K-30K. 2. I am more into panoramic shots, I use the android photosphere most often but am not intending to buy a fish eye lens...
  3. layzee


    Been building this for the past two months and now its finally ready. Here are some shots: Specs here:
  4. Shibaprasad

    Canon 18-55 kit lens question

    I am new in Photography. I just purchased Canon 600D with 18-55mm kit lens. I have some problem with my kit lens 1. In daylight macro shots aren't sharp.[settings - aperture 5.6 priority mode] 2. On 45-55mm kit lens performing very bad with indoor photos and videos where light source is cfl...
  5. quagmire

    Need sugesstions for a tripod under 1k ..

    My P&S camera weighs around 250 grams.. I need a tripod for i)Low light shots ii)Time lapse photography iii)High zoom shots and videos iv)HDR photography etc. A max height of 3 feet would suffice.. I am considering Simpex 333 Simpex 333 | Tripod | and CA15 CA15 PORTABLE...
  6. S

    Book on basics of Photography

    hi all, I tried to find a thread related to books on photography, but did not got one... So I am asking everybody here I Want a Book on basics of Photography i actually want to learn like what is ISO, Exposure , aperture , what happens if it is change in a camera. what value to keep it...
  7. M

    SLR camera under 60k

    Hi friends I have been using point and shoot cameras for quite some time. Recently, I saw some pics of a SLR camera and was blown away by the quality of pics and now I want one SLR camera too. I will be using SLR cameras for the first time. My primary purpose is personal use which involves...
  8. kool

    What is the diff b/w 1000mAh & 2500mAh batteries? Which brand is best?

    I've ordered Nikon coolpix L25 digi cam which going to be delivered to me tomorrow. Want to buy extra re-chargeable batteries for this camera. I've heard that 2500 mAh battery takes 12hr to charge, and 1000mAh takes 2-3 hrs. So which one is best to buy. I need batteries for occasional...

    Sony Ericson Live With Walkman WT9I

    guys, i got the mobile tdy mornin,so posting some quick shots of the phone as i promised... *
  10. asingh

    Sissy way to play FPS games

    So...many of us must have tried these tricks and tactics but never confess. Now is the time to own up. Guys this is more for fun, so please do not get emotional. Also, if someone is relating a new release gameplay tactic, use spoilers. Test 'em. My list: 1. Give all weapon codes. 2...
  11. F

    Selling:Android Tablet 2.07 (New)

    One Of my friend gifted me a Android Tab this Sunday which he brought from Singapore But i have no time to use it as am busy in some projects The Box is just opened once to take the Screen shots Here are the specification Full touch (touch flow) 256 RAM Built in 1 GB Space CPU: VIA MW8505 600MHz...
  12. esumitkumar

    Anyone having Canon A590IS ..which batteries do u use ?

    Hi I have this wonderful camera. But my rechargeable Uniross 2100Mah batteries get exhausted very quickly . I can take only 30-40 shots. Could somebody suggest me gud rechargeable batteries so that I can take at least 150-200 pics Thanks Sumit
  13. B

    digital camera battery issue

    hi i have a Nikon COOLPIX L4 digital camera-- compact, 4 megapixel, powered by a pair of AA size Ni-MH or Alkaline batteries. it normally gives about 40-50 shots on Alkaline and around 90 on Ni-MH. But of late its been draining the batteries pretty quickly. A fresh pair of Duracell Alkaline...
  14. desiibond

    New Zune HD press shots emerge showing black and silver color options, true freedom f

    Zune HD interface and media playback demoed on video * There are two dozen pictures of new ZuneHD: link: * few shots:
  15. rajhot

    Nokia N86 - 8MP

    8 megapixel Nokia N86 leaks with full specs, confirms rumors So there is an 8 megapixel cameraphone by Nokia in the works. Meet the Nokia N86 - as official as it gets, it still didn't get an announcement at the MWC 2009. We can't help but wonder why. Nokia N86 Nokia N86 Nokia N86 data...
  16. arijit_2404

    Completed BioShock - Some screen shots

    I've bought HD4850 very recently. After buying my first thing was to complete 'Bioshock' which I couldn't with my GF8600T :( I am sharing some of the screen shots I took using FRAPS during play. thanks.
  17. toofan

    COD World at War releasing soon.

    Call of Duty :World at War is going to be released within 2 months. And the reviews said that this will be the best Game of this series. go to for the astonishing shots of the game.
  18. kirangp

    Next-gen iPhone spotted in the wild?

    Well here's an interesting one. French iPhone blog got these pics from an anonymous and unverified source, and while there's no way of telling if the shots are legit, they certainly have a truthy ring to them. They follow what we know so far about the shape, size and color of the...
  19. Voldy

    Pics of Intel's Netbook / Eco PC

  20. F

    spy software....hardware acceleration....?

    Hi Frnds, Iam using Oleansoft hidden recorder V1.10 to keep track on my children's activity (this software takes the screen shot of the desktop at frequent intervals). But my problem is this software is unable to take the screen shots of the movies being played in any media players, and for...
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