1. Skud

    Need 2.0/2.1 speakers within 20-25k

    As per title. Primary usage will be Music, preferred genres classic rock & metal. Speakers with multiple input sources are welcome, if available. So far, shortlisted Swans M200MKII. Is it good?
  2. akii17kr

    Suggest an smartphone with Good Camera , Battery and Overall Performance b/w 5 Phones

    I have shortlisted 5 phones(Need SD CARD) out of which i want the smartphone with best camera/video quality , Battery backup , Overall Performance including Gaming. Budget is 13K max Please Suggest on the basis of your real usage not based on Tech Specs. Shortlisted Phones: 1)...
  3. V

    Earphone under 1k JBL T150A or Sennheiser CX180

    Hi, Looking for some good piece of earphone under 1k. I used Soundmagic ES18 previously and it worn out in 6 months. I also used Philips SHE3590 and some PNY buds. But I liked the Philips one better than anything else. Now I am in search of a new one. Possibly a new brand. After searching a...
  4. ShankJ

    Urgent advice for new cell ~28K!!

    My friend needs a new cell under 28K.. Main usage will be net surfing and few apps like WhatsApp and hike. Presently she has shortlisted Grand 2 and S4.. Which would be a better option or is there any better option available.. The budget is of about 26~28K.
  5. R

    Gifting TABLET for GF !

    Hey there ...I want to gift my girlfriend with a new tab..Will buy it next week...Can u please suggest one with good display and exterenal memory card.Should support 3G, I shortlisted NEXUS7(2013). My question is are the samsung tabs really bad bcz their specs are way poor compared to NEXUS, but...
  6. KiLL

    Samsung Galaxy S3 or LG Nexus 4

    Im in a dillema between these two phones . I want a decent gaming performance and support for atleast a year . I have shortlisted these two devices . Please suggest me which one shld i get
  7. R

    Need a mobile around 6-7k

    Hi, I need a touch phone around 7k. Preference is for a dual sim phone. I'm not a heavy gamer. Will be using it for surfing along with GPS use. Decent battery back-up is also required. I had shortlisted Samsung Galaxy Young S6312. If there is any other phone please suggest from...
  8. S

    Bluetooth Headset for 1k, can extend max to 1.5k if needed!!!!!

    Hey Guys, my Pleasure to post my requirements on to this forum. Awesome discussions helped me to arrive at a wonderful Desktop that a assembled a last year end.. With same expectations i put my requirements forward- Looking for a bluetooth Headset, both ears strictly.. I own a nokia n73 as of...
  9. B

    Laptop for 35k. Buying tomorrow @ NP Delhi

    Guys budget is around 35k Shortlisted HP g6 2005 - amd + 7670 Or HP g6 2230 - i3 + 7670 Kindly advice.
  10. KiLL

    Which one of these gpu is Best...???

    I want to buy gpu + psu with a max budget of 10k..... I hav shortlisted some HD 7770 GTX 650 Hd 7750 GTX 550ti 2gb HD 6790 Please tell whic one to get ...............
  11. M

    Confused between Sony tipo or Xperia mini

    Hi, guys want to buy a phone within 10k.Though I have shortlisted Tipo and Mini I am open to other suggestions too.
  12. bajaj151

    Urgent : Basic Wifi Router

    I need a basic Wifi router for connectivity in Ground Floor and 1st floor (Distance : 10ft) Budget : Cheapest possible Shortlisted : TP-LINK 150Mbps Wireless N White | Router |
  13. pmkarun

    Need a Mobile less than 2k

    Hi All, I am looking for a mobile phone within the budget of Rs. 2000 I basically need the mobile just for calling and for SMS. I don't want GPRS etc... I have shortlisted NOKIA 101 NOKIA X1-01 I need a good battery backup and soft keys for typing Suggest me a mobile. Other...
  14. Techniboy

    Motherboard Confusion AM3+

    Hi, I live in New Delhi.... I am going to buy a AMD Phenom II X4 965BE.. Please suggest a good motherboard. USB3 is what I look for and Bulldozer Compatible... Budget Rs6500 I have shortlisted this 1.MSI 970A-G45. Any better motherboard can u guys suggest? Everything thing...
  15. dashing.sujay

    Help me in selecting new headphones

    Hello Guys, i gotta buy 2 headphones in some days. Help me choosing it. First (for me) Budget - 3K (sounds enough :twisted: ) Usage - Music, Gaming Other requirements - Mic a must, should be comfortable in prolong use (6-7hrs straight), light weight. I had shortlisted Steel series Siberia Full...
  16. lovedonator

    Bluetooth headset for 1.5k

    I want to buy a bluetooth stereo headset to use with my Galaxy S. Budget is 1.5k. I've shortlisted Nokia BH-503.Any other option?
  17. aroraanant

    Best 32" LED TV available?

    Guys I m planning to buy a 32" LED,don't have much knowledge about them so I m here to ask u guys. As such I don't have any exact budget but it should not be priced above 40K,guys this is the max price,if I will get a very good(damm good) LED in a budget of 20K I will buy that also. Till now...
  18. M

    Monitor and PSU Doubt...

    Which of one these PSU's should I buy. I am basically buying a ASUS gtx 580 DirectCUII and want a min of 850w for future proofing it. 1. Corsair HX850 2. Corsair AX850( HX850 vs AX850.. Is AX850 worth the price difference?) 3. Corsair HX1000(price?) For the monitors I have shortlisted...
  19. L

    New Digi Cam Help - URGENT

    The time has come for me to pursue my hobby of photography and I am plannign to buy a new cam. Not thinking of entering the DSLR as of now as I want to learn the basics first with a bridge. Have shortlisted Fuji HS10, Canon SX30 IS and Panasonic FZ100. Please help me in my final decision. My...
  20. soumo27

    Need Low End PC. Budget:- 15K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: Solely Internet based Work and MS OFFICE APPS. Computer will not run more than 3 hour a day and is for the most low end...
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