1. Desmond

    Short Films Thread

    This thread is dedicated to sharing interesting short movies on the web. To start off, here are a few I like:
  2. M

    Broadband Provider in West Delhi Vikaspuri

    Hi, It's been 10 years using Airtel Broadband and need to change as till date all I pay for is service. Speed though good but FUP Limits plus over priced plans are now unacceptable for some one paying 2k per month. Only consistent thing I get is after sales which some times needs attention...
  3. Cyberghost


    Developer : IO Interactive Publisher : Square Enix Release : December 8, 2015 Platforms : PS4, Xbox One, PC The Full Experience gives you everything in HITMAN. You will have access to all locations, all live content, Contracts Mode and additional game updates. Upon release players have...
  4. M

    Best monitor among these 4? (HP Pavilion 22fi, Dell S2240L, ViewSonic VX2270SMH, AOC i2269Vwm)

    I need to buy an IPS monitor(use: movies and reading) online and I'm short listed these 4. Which one is the better quality display? ViewSonic 21.5 inch LED Backlit - VX2270 smh Monitor Price in India - Buy ViewSonic 21.5 inch LED Backlit - VX2270 smh Monitor online at AOC...
  5. evilmage93

    Best High Performance/ Gaming laptop under 60k

    1. What is the budget? Under 60k INR 2. Display Mainstream 15" - 16", HD 3. Processor and memory 4th gen i7, 1TB(min), 8GB 4. Use of laptop? Gaming/ Movies/Music/ Programming 5. Extra Info I want a complete laptop i.e. the best I can get under 60k with all high end...
  6. GamerSlayer

    Yu Yureka vs Moto E

    Guys, I know that there hasn't been a lot of information about the yu yureka but I know that there are some tech veterans here who can judge a phone by taking a look at its specs and a short video. I am in a position to buy a phone under 10k and so I have short listed these two phones. FYI, I...
  7. Dr. House

    How to make a short film?

    Hello! digitians I want to make short films with my college friends. I have a DSLR camera with 35mm fixed lens, I know many films are made by this lens. But besides that, what essential things will be required like microphone, lights and effects. How to write scrpit, screenplay and manage...
  8. raksrules

    Need to buy around the neck IEM with short cable

    I want to buy an IEM with short cable. I use a small Bluetooth device with 3.5mm jack and clip it on my shirt and have my earphones around the neck. Till now I was using JVC marshmallows which I had sort of modded (using cello tape) to make overall length short and make it usable around the...
  9. K

    Suggestion for a SSD

    I want a 120 GB SSD just for the system drive to improve speed. Problem is my budget. Can you suggest a good SSD around Rs.5.5k ? Or should i wait for the prices to go down to get a good SSD? And is it true that lifetime of SSDs is very short? I've heard that they die out quickly.
  10. A

    Buying suggestion for a headphone below 3000

    I am looking for a good over the ear circumaural headphones below rs3000. I am not a bass head, but I do like bass. Need decent noise isolation. Need atleast a year of warranty. I have short listed the following- 1. Audio technica M20 2. Sennheiser hd202 ii
  11. G

    Malicious programs spotted on Google Play store, warns Dr Web

    Source: Tech2
  12. ankush28

    WiFi router ~ 1k

    Hey digitians one of my friend want to buy wifi router as of now he have ADSL 2+ DSL 2520 D-link router And he ia using MTNL connection. Suggest a good router in that price ... i have one in my mind is...
  13. A

    Help regarding some subjects

    I am a student of ECE. I got selected in TCS. They have asked to prepare for subjects like UNIX, Web technologies, database concepts, JAVA. I have no idea about these subjects except JAVA. Since the time is too short, can anyone suggest me some good tutorials (mainly pdfs) or provide me some...
  14. C

    PSU for phenom 2 + 9600 gt

    Hi friends, I would like to a low budget psu for phenom II x4 925 cpu and 9600 gt geforce card.Can I get a psu within Rs.1000.My current psu is not working as it has short circuited. Guys urgent ...will be gr8ful if you can help.Previously I had a Intex smps with 20A on +12...
  15. B

    samsung series 5 yes or no?

    i want to buy samsungseries 5 so4in i have read about its heating issues etc. i want to know can it be solved wiyh a cooling pad ,what other problems does it have , in short should i buy it or not. if not suggest something with similar config . thank you
  16. R

    See This Title Trailor of My Movie and Show Some Support

    I Am Struggling Film-Maker .. I Am Just 16 Year Old and I Am Trying to Make a Movie of Short length and Short Budget .. I lack many things needed to Do a Film .. But I Am Struggling Very Hard to do it with my friends .. I Cant Live Without Making Films .. I Have Uploaded the Title Trailor of...
  17. M

    [Want to Buy] Socket 754 Motherboard

    Looking to buy a Socket 754 motherboard for my AMD Athlon 3000+ Processor Setup. Motherboard got fried due to short circuit, hence looking out for a replacement.
  18. B

    Is Samsung turning out to be the poster boy of Smartphones?

    Samsung is basking under the emphatic glory of it's Galaxy smartphone series sales that has touched a figure of close to 60 million phones now, please share your views on a article I have posted on my blog, do you feel Samsung's dominance in smartphone segment is going to be short lived? or does...
  19. Nanducob

    Gud computer courses?

    I dont know if i can ask this question here.please let me explain it you I joined HSC after 10nth Std,i intended to take Comp. science but sumhow i got only biology.I passed HSC( 2) but got DQ @ Entrance exams.So my parents askd me to join bachelor of physiotherapy which i didnt like.Sumhow...
  20. gdebojyoti

    Need help - How to create a short 3D animation film?

    Hello, I want to create my own short 3D animation film in Maya. Nothing too fancy. Just as a hobby. Can anyone give me some links to some tutorials (ebook/ video/ online article) which cover this topic? I don't need a very detailed step-by-step tutorial (though I won't say no!); but it...
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