See This Title Trailor of My Movie and Show Some Support


Right off the assembly line
I Am Struggling Film-Maker .. I Am Just 16 Year Old and I Am Trying to Make a Movie of Short length and Short Budget .. I lack many things needed to Do a Film .. But I Am Struggling Very Hard to do it with my friends .. I Cant Live Without Making Films ..

I Have Uploaded the Title Trailor of My Movie on YouTube .. But it is Not at all Showing in the Search List When I Search For It ... Plz Help Me With This ...

Plz See My Video and MAKE IT KNOWN TO EVERYONE .. I Will Be Blessed If It Gets More Than 100 Views and Some LIKES and Comments ... :)

Thanks In Advance ...
Here is The Video Link - (1080p HD)


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Saw the vid. But with such a short duration w/o any trailer it wont get likes/views as you desire.
Still your start is superb considering you are just 16.

And ask mods to move this into chit-chat section. This is not the right section.
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