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  1. hailgautam

    Copyright on Computer Software

    Sec 2(ffc): “Computer Programme" means a set of instructions expressed in words, codes, schemes or in any other form, including a machine readable medium, capable of causing a computer to perform a particular task or achieve a particular result; Sec 13: States that the copyright subsists...
  2. hailgautam

    Downloading Music from net is it a crime?

    Downloading Music from net - Is it a crime? I asked whether listening to online music/ downloading online music makes one a criminal, here but did not get an answer. Any way I did some research on the subject and the following are the results: Before we discuss about the piracy and...
  3. K

    How to "pause" a video on SE W810i

    hi, :D How can i "pause" a "clip" during the mid of the "play" , when ever i try to "pause" the "clip" it automatically gets rewinded to the begining, vat i need is, it shud be in "still" position , eg: i shud be able 2 "pause" at 17th sec of a 30 sec "clip", Here the "clip" shud in "still"...
  4. S

    Recording sound in XP

    How to record sound for more than 60 sec. in the Sound Recorder of Windows XP.
  5. K

    kbps & KBps

    All, Several ISPs claim that they provide 256Kbps. Do they mean KBps or kbps? I meant - is it Kilo bits per sec (or) Kilo Bytes per sec? whats the difference between the two? I opted for 128kbps from a famour ISP. I tried downloading a file. it is just giving 20kbps. Are all these...
  6. gary4gar

    HDD not working but how to confirm

    recently my harddrive wnet dead but its still deteched by bios & the windows xp boots stops at the boot screen.the thing i noticed was that the red led light of my hdd was glowing for 3 sec & off for 3 sec then again the same procedure.after some time min or 2 min its gets restarted...
  7. R

    Xp delay in booting up

    I changed my extra hdd from 80 gb to a 250 gb SATA hdd using ide to sata convetor. Since then I see a delay of 25 sec on booting up, what is causing this delay.
  8. M

    screen goes black

    this genrally happens when i am on net, my display becomes black though it is just for a sec, i am using cel-2.5, with d101 intel board, nvidia 6200 turbo cashe. please help
  9. Desmond

    FireFox a 'Blind'Fox

    I installed FireFox 1.5 from the Mar DVD. The problem is that it does not detect any site. When I enter the path and press enter, it hardly looks up the site for 2 sec and then tells that the website cannot be found. Please help.
  10. S

    Shutdown after 60 sec lsass.exe file related Plse help me

    Gys ! I have Win 2003 server intalled and when i connect internet after some time it shows me system message which is like as follows : "The system process 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe' terminated unexpectedly with status code 128. The system will now shut down and restart." and it...
  11. shashanktyagi1

    winamp prob

    how to change the buffer rate in winamp 5.12 am trying to watch videos but it plays for 5 sec and stops for 5 sec for buffering. i want to do it for atleast 30 sec. or suggest what wld be good for watching videos in dataone 250 plan spd comes around 30 kbps. comp[u little slow.
  12. gdatuk

    3230 formatting

    i have a 3230. and it is corrupted now..i need to format the phone.. i trid 7780 code..but it just restores the factory defaults..nothing much... can anyone tell me anyother ways to format...
  13. T

    scandisk query???

    the default time to skip scandisk in win xp is 10 sec can we set it to 0 sec so that we wont have to wait for extra 10 sec for the system to boot thanks
  14. V

    changing "My pictures slideshow screensaver transit time"...

    can some one tell me how to change the min time of transit of the My pictures slideshow screensaver the default min transit time is 6 sec i want to change it 1 sec ???????????????????
  15. D

    what is the trasfer rate of optical fibres?

    hi, i want to know,hw much data can be send thru an optical fibre in 1 sec
  16. hcp006sl

    SONY DVD RW DRU-810A - a review

    Test Result 1: Disc Media used: DVD-ROM Quality of the Media: Type:CAV Seek Times Random 127 ms 1/3 124 ms Full 177 ms CPU Usage 1X 6 % 2X 15 % 4X 28...
  17. A


    I installed windows xp professional on my pc configuration p4 1.6 256 mb ddr ram 40gb harddisk while installing winxp i had to skip a file called fdc.sys the rest of the process was smooth and even it loads now i face 2 problems the windows xp professional loads very slowly takes...
  18. hcp006sl

    SONY DVD RW DRU-800A - a review

    Test Result 1: Disc Media used: DVD-ROM Specification of the DVD used: It is FC4 DVD - the one comes with it magz July 2005 (vol 3 issue 5) [Type: CAV] Seek Times Random 99 ms 1/3 205 ms Full 456 ms CPU Usage 1X...
  19. T

    Problem installing FC3

    Hi, i am facing the following problem while trying to install FC3 from the DVD in LFY. during partitioning (i told it to go ahead with disk druid, as i was not very sure abt manual partitioning) , it says that partition request failed.... and shows the state of the drive as "none" against all...
  20. P

    Taskmanager not working!!!!!!!! Antivirus not workin!!!!!!!!

    I am so fed up with my pc.................it was fulll of spyware n viruses n stuff....so i formated it n re-installed windows (xp with sp1). even in a freshly installed windows, norton av 2004 showed a virus Bloodhound.w32.something in a file C:/windows/system32/tft-something n couldn't do...
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