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  1. Krazy Bluez

    A silly question !

    I wanna know that in the Display settings option on the desktop, if I change my resolution or colour to that one which isn't supported and if that dialog box that comes up asks me to say yes or no within 15 sec and I accidently press the Yes button, then how could i get it back ? I think the...
  2. hellknight

    XFX Filesystem Results

    Yesterday I installed OpenSUSE 11 (32-bit) on my computer. First of all my computer specs :- AMD Athlon 4400+ X2 (65nm) w. 1MB L2 Cache Jetway JM2A-692-GDG with AMD 690G chipset 2 GB DDR2 @ 667 MHz Kingston dual channel RAM XFX 8600 GT with 512 MB RAM Graphics card WD 250 GB HDD SATA 2 with 16...
  3. S

    Problem in New Motorola E6

    hey every, i just bought this cell , Motorola E6 , its been 2 weeks, but when i am talking on the ph then after some sec. say 48 sec. while talking , its start giving some noise, so pls suggest me wht to do. help me out thnx :(
  4. speedyguy

    Harddisk Detected but cant boot

    i can see my hdd (not sata i think) 40gb, in bios setup n it is easliy detected at startup as seagate st34XXXXX....but on booting os xp loading screen comes for 2-3sec n system restarts.... i tried reinstalling xp but while partition selection it detects hdd and its size but says "setup...
  5. M

    Gprs Or Edge

    hi, i am using w200i from past 5 months and gprs connection and getting speed of 5-6 kBps.....and my friend got 6300 (nokia) and i put my sim in his phone and downloaded 3.3 mB file and it was downloaded in 2min. 45 sec acc to this i got 20 kBps!!! now is this edge or gprs.?! and i even noticed...
  6. tweety_bird_bunny

    prgrm runs slower on 2.66ghz as compared to 1.5ghz !!!???

    i made a prgrm in c to find prime no till given no... i recorded the time taken to find pr no till 1crore, using a stop watch now on my laptop wid 1.5ghz centrino processor (504mb ram) time taken is =9.5 sec but on my pc wid 2.66ghz p4 processor(496mb ram) , it takes 13 sec to do the...
  7. Z

    My core 2 duo extreme slow at startup

    I hav core 2 duo 1.86,intel 946 mboard,1 gb ram the sysytem takes very long time to startup , but then works at great speed i hav same startup items on both,my c2d system & older one p4 2.4 system bt p4 startups in less than 10 sec. while c2d takes more than 30 sec. why is it so? plz help me!!!!
  8. clmlbx

    EXPLORER.EXE crashing in seconds

    Guys my windows was running fine but suddenly my explorer crashed and when I try to open it crashes again in seconds (5 sec and max 10 sec ) It started when I was surfing on net and for some reason I closed my internet security . even after restarts it remains even starting in safe mode...
  9. M

    please help.. xp destop icon disappear and appear again and again

    Recently i installed autopatcher from digit's august edition which is "Autopatcher XP May 2007 core" after the complete installation it asked for reboot then i restart the computer. when it started this time it asked for the password but i never set the password so i clicked ok option (username...
  10. dr_jimit

    Review : 4 GB Transcend JetFlash V30 USB Drive

    Hi friends, I got a 4 GB Transcend JetFlash V30 USB Drive, Rs. 1750 Formated with NTFS, shows around 4,101,992,448 Bytes = 3.81 GB Very good performance, Works good with ReadyBoost, YES it works !!!! [It has also logo written on its pack] In Vista with c2d, 1 gb ram, Highest speed I...
  11. satyamy

    See this Internet Speed 8MB per sec..........

    I downloaded & See What I found my Internet Speed 8MB per sec.......... :D Wht do u comment on this?
  12. xbonez

    got a new dvd writer Samsung Super WriteMaster 18x DVD Writer

    i got a new dvd writer a couple of days back. here are the results of the drive test conducted on Nero 7. what do you say?? i feel the cpu consumption is a little high. is it supposed to be that high or is it something unusual??

    PC Hanging after resuming from Hibernating....

    When I start my PC again after Hibernating it stucks over to the progress bar and hangs,what's the prob?Plz solve this as I again need to restart from scratch and waste again 20 sec to work again, I am on Win XP with 256 RAM and 25 GB partition.
  14. piyushp_20

    Win XP media center stratup problem

    hi buddies, i have a hp laptop which was running perfectly till yesterday, the problem is that, on the login screen when i click to a user then it says "loading personal setting" after a sec it loggs off, and i cant even go beyond login screen even in safe mode please assist me for the solution.
  15. gary4gar

    My system has recovered from a serious Error

    booted my windows after a long time, and just after running it the system restarted without any BSOD juts a blank screen for 2 sec then restart. after booting up i got the following msg -------------------------------- ------------------------------- REST INFO COMMING IN SHORT WHILE
  16. CA50

    Boot Pic

    I want 2 know if there is any way by which i can make the pc display a pic for a few sec before booting:cool: :cool: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<plz Help>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  17. rajasekharan

    a simple game for you all......:)

    a simple game for you...:) http://farm.addictinggames.com/D78AQSAKQLQWI9/3461.swf well i just had my first try on it.... 7 balls 128 sec... grade B+ post your scores...:)
  18. ax3

    Increase time 4 balloons ! ! !

    how 2 increase time 4 balloons tips ??? popup balloons : tips, scanning alert or update ......... they just appear in some sec & vanish away before i can figure it out ......
  19. S

    Help Required regarding sata HDD

    i have intel 850 Board (old now), Connected two 120 gb ide HDD, one dvd rw , one dvd rom, now i want to add one more hdd, so i choose 250 gb hdd, my friend suggest me to buy a sata hdd, now the problem is i don't have any sata connectors on my board, i have heard about sata host adopter pci...
  20. A

    Many Problems

    hello every1, these r the prob i am facing:( 1. winem32.dll infected with backdoor-cvt trojan (McAfee ToTal Protection 2007) 2. by mistake i left my pen drive in while restarting n now during every boot it scans for that n those silly 5 sec r wasted due to this pls tell me how to go back to...
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