1. jkultimate

    HD 7770 + Seagate 1 TB - 450W Enough..?

    Hi guys, thinking of this upgrades to my PC. Sapphire HD 7770 1 ghz GDDR5 Seagate Barracuda 1 TB Internal HDD Choosing PSU as, Coolmaster Thunder 450 W. My question is, can this PSU handle those GPU and HDD..? Am now running on AMD Athlon X4 645 3.10 GHZ, 4 GB ddr3 memory, Asus M4A88T-M LE...
  2. Desmond

    Seagate releases 6 TB HDD, its fastest yet.

    Source : Seagate releases 6TB hard drive, its fastest yet - Computerworld
  3. V

    Hdd making case vibrate

    hi I recently Upgrade my rig I am Having two HDD one is a Seagate Barracuda 500-GB and the another is a Western Digital Blue Caviar 500-GB the WD Blue is is vibrating more the than the Seagate and makeing vibrate the case side...
  4. adityak469

    New Internal and External HDDs

    I'm looking to buy a new internal 1TB HDD, and a external 2/3 TB HDD. The internal one, i'll be buying in the next few weeks and the external one has some time. My budget for the internal 1TB is 4k and for the external 2/3TB is 7.5k. Can't extend at all. This is the higheat i can go. What i...
  5. ithehappy

    Are my hard drive speeds okay?

    I have two internal drives in my rig. A Seagate and a Caviar Black. Could someone tell me if the speeds are okay? Especially the Seagate? A: Seagate ST3500418AS B: WD Black: Hmm, as per further noticing I am seeing that the Black is averaging lower than the Seagate! Why the hell is...
  6. ramakanta

    HDD Extra Pin Interface ???

    I have 2HDDs here with me , Hitachi 250GB, SEAGATE 500GB. from 2 different manufacturers, and all of them have the following 2 & 4-pin extra interface beside the SATA connector. what does it works for ??? Hitachi - there is only 2-pin Seagate - there is only 4-pin
  7. Blue Ripazah

    the two giants which one to go for ?

    seagate 1 tb or wd 1 tb need to buy in a weeks time . seagate expansion or wd passport.
  8. Akira

    1TB Ext. HDD: WD Ultra or WD Elements.

    There is a good deal on Flipkart right now, from WSRetail :http:// Should I order this one? Or WD Elements? Or maybe Seagate? I just need a HDD to backup some data-there won't...
  9. Skud

    A durability report of 27,134 HDDs

    Online backup provider Backblaze have published results from an internal study of the hard drives they use for their service. The study includes 27,134 hard drives from Toshiba, Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital & Samsung. The Seagate drive ranging from 1.5 TB to 3TB have significantly higher...
  10. harshilsharma63

    Seagate launches 4 TB portable USB powered HDD

    Source: Seagate Brings Out Backup Plus FAST External Drive Official product page: Backup Plus Fast HDD Portable Drive: External USB 3.0 Hard Drive 4TB | Seagate Features: > Two 2.5" drives in RAID 0 (stripping). > USB 3 > Does not require external power. Completely powered by USB. Cost...
  11. bajaj151

    Difference between: Seagate Expansion & Backup Plus ???

    Is there any difference between Seagate Expansion & Backup plus other than backup software is included only in backup plus hard disk? I am asking this because there is 0.5K difference between the two..
  12. R


    I have recently bought a Seagate 2Tb HDD from Flipkart on August,2013. Recently from last week I found that on connecting my EXTERNAL HDD to my laptop I was getting electric shocks on touching the body of laptop.So I took my HDD and connected it to the power supply and this time I did not...
  13. sam9953

    Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB (Sealed, RMA'd)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB , Black Color : Backup Plus: Sleek & Stylish Portable & External Storage Hard Drives | Seagate Expected Price: Rs sold Source and Time of Purchase: Got it as RMA when Seagate Free agent go was replaced, on 7th...
  14. S

    Seagate vs WD 1 Tb hdd query

    Hi , I want to purchase 1 TB compact HDD. I have looked into these two but got confused about the after sales support and reliability of Seagate and WD. Can someone please tell which one i should go for. Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB External Hard Disk - Seagate: WD My Passport...
  15. powerhoney

    Query regarding RMA of Seagate External HDD

    Hey guys, My erstwhile Seagate Freeagent Go 500 GB which I bought a couple of years ago finally decided to go kaput... Now, all it does is blink... The LEDs blink continuously buy the HDD is not detected by the computer... Sometimes, the disk starts spinning for two to three seconds but then...
  16. powerhoney

    [Query] Seagate Freeagent Go 500 GB RMA procedure

    Hey guys, My erstwhile Seagate Freeagent Go 500 GB bought a couple of years back started malfunctioning... All it does if I connect it is blink... Now, the LEDs blinking suggest an error according to the Freeagent GO manual... I tried connecting it to some other PCs too but to no avail...
  17. swiftshashi

    Need to Upgrade Laptop-Make it even faster-SSD or Hybrid Hard Disk??

    I own a DV6 6121tx and the only bottleneck I found was its HDD. I also contemplated buying a new Envy 15 ( Yeah,I'm a HP FanBoy,and HP's have served me awesomely till date),but it also came with a 5400 rpm drive. So,with Budget fixed at around 12k(Max),I have the following questions in mind...
  18. topgear

    [Complaint] Pathetic Seagate RMA ! - Solved for now

    Ok, Long story short : I had* a seagate 500B 7200.11 [ notorious ] HDD which I had to submit for RMA two times before to Accel Frontline - so far my exp. is good with them regarding Seagate HDD RMA and they do replace the drive within 7 days. So submitted the HDD [ S/N : ****C5JM ] on 16th Sept...
  19. soyab0007

    Download using Usb router without turning ON PC

    Hi, I want to do possible 24/7 download, and my PC config is AMD Phenom X4 840 Gigabyte GA 78 4gb ddr3 ram Gigabyte 1gb DDR5 gfx card DELL ST22 LED 1TB Seagate HDD 1.5TB WD Green Corsair cx 430 v2 Seagate Go flex USB 3.0 1TB Planning to purchase a router which can support USB.. Now I want...
  20. Ironman

    Seagate 2 TB Problems ............. What should i do ?

    i bought a Seagate 2TB internal 3 weeks ago within that time some problems arose ......................... Sometimes the speeds just get down to 3MBps Sequential R/W instead of 100+ this is the third time it happened many times there are errors in the partitions which get...
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