1. cute.bandar

    [Query] Seagate HDD, bought from ahmedabad, now in delhi

    Hey guys I bought a seagate 500gb hdd from ahmedabad , but am now in delhi - accel's website doesn't show my hdd in their database - seagate's website shows my hdd in warranty and asks me to contact frontline pvt ltd. Anybody has experience with frontline for seagate rma ? Edit: oops it...
  2. prvprv

    [Praise] Seagate Replacement @ AccelFrontline

    My 2.5 year old Seagate 1TB HDD ST31000528AS started giving errors 1 month back. When checked with seatools, smart and shortDST tests are failed. The warranty is left till 14th July 2013 so I Registered a RMA request at Seagate website. Created an account in AccelFrontline website...
  3. Y

    WD or Seagate internal HDD

    Confused about 500gb seagate barracuda or WD black/blue..main purpose is gaming. Please advice.
  4. A

    2 TB Externel Hard Drive.

    Hey guys, As my Seagate 1 TB is full, I am planning to buy a new 2 TB External Hard disk. It must be USB 3.0, My budget is 6K (+1 Max) I found only two models, Seagate Expansion 2 TB External Hard Disk - Seagate: WD Elements 3.5 inch 2 TB External Hard Disk - WD:
  5. ithehappy

    Seagate 1 TB vs WD Black 1 TB, which one?

    I will buy a HD on Monday. I see that the Seagate 1 TB 6 GB/s has 'better' specs than WD Black 1 TB 6 GB/s. Am I right? The Seagate has lower latency, higher transfer rate, slightly lower power consumption etc. So may I know which one should I get? Seagate: Desktop Hard Drive SATA 6Gb/s 4TB HDD...
  6. P

    [Praise] AWESOME Seagate USA CC,Accel Service (India) still sucks!

    Hi, I want to share my experience with you regarding a SEAGATE Internal Drive RMA for which Accel Frontline is responsible. They were lazy,unresponsive,unreachable but SEAGATE USA CC HELPED ME A LOT and gave me a worthy replacement. SHORT STORY : Seagate HDD 500 GB Internal drive bought way...
  7. Akintex

    Which is best external 1tb hdd WD OR SEAGATE.

    Which is best external hdd WD OR SEAGATE? Pls reply:confused:
  8. M

    [For Sale] Seagate Goflex 1.5TB Portable USB 3.0. Like New with Seagate Warranty.

    1. *Model number and details: Seagate GoFlex 1.5TB Portable USB 3.0 External HDD 2. *Date of purchase: Jan 2012 3. Reason for sale: Downgraded to lighter 1TB Touro. 4. Warranty details: Yes 5. *Expected Price: Rs 6000 + Rs 150 shipping DTDC Plus or Aramex. Free shipping within kerala 6...
  9. ghantaukay

    Apps and more apps

    I have an iPad 2 16 GB wifi. I have recently purchased a Seagate wirelessPlus wifi hard disk 1TB. I have uploaded my movies and songs to my seagate drive and access my media files from the seagate drive via wifi. Its great !. But I just have one problem. How can I transfer my apps to my external...
  10. A

    [For Sale] RMA'd New Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 1TB Internal Hard Drive

    Product Name: Certified Repaired Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS Expected Price: Rs 3000 Shipping charges : 0 only for mumbai buyer no shipping Manufacturer page URL: Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS Internal Hard Drive - Description : New Seagate...
  11. R

    How is seagate backup software?

    Has anyone used the seagate backup software. Pls share how is it as compared to other free backup softwares in terms of speed of backup, reliability etc ....?
  12. S

    2Tb Internal HDD Advice...Seagate or WD Green or Toshiba ?

    I'm about to buy 2Tb Internal Hard drive but i'm very much confused between Seagate,WD Green and Toshiba.All 3 have very good reviews... My Purpose is mainly storing Huge data and i'm looking for realiable Drive with good support and warranty...
  13. Saumil996

    1 tb hdd

    Hello TDF I am in the market for a new 1TB HDD. I had initially shortlisted the WD Blue but there seem to be none in the market and using two 500gb hdd makes no sense to me So i am pretty much down to two choices 1. WD 1TB BLACK ~6000 2. Seagate Barracuda 1TB ~ 4000 or 2TB ~ 6000 I know...
  14. tkin

    RMA'd New Seagate 500GB HDD(Kolkata only)!

    For sale: RMA'd Seagate HDD with 6 months warranty. Condition: New, RMA'd, its the new model on sale now, check the speeds, and SATA III supported. Reason for sale: Have 1TB Black. Bill: Yes but not needed, Seagate gives warranty on Serial ONLY. Price: SOLD. Packing a HDD is a hell of a...
  15. ShankJ

    Seagate Backup Plus Vs WD My Passport..

    Well my search for a new 1TB HDD at around 5K got me to these two- Seagate Backup Plus WD My Passport I'm unable to decide which to chose from these two(best HDD i could find at around 5K), so a little help would be great..:)
  16. Shibaprasad

    SSD Installation Help

    hello friends, I just bought Kingston v+200 SSD drive. 1st I disconnected my old seagate 500GB 3GB/s SATA2 HDD from my Mboard's SATA2 port(power also) 2nd I connected my SATA3 6GB/s SSD to Mboard's SATA3 port and also connect power cable 3rd I installed a fresh copy of Win7 64 on SSD 4th I...
  17. H

    Need help on buying HDD..

    Im planning to buy 1 or 2Tb hard drive..But confused which manufacturer to choose seagate or WD or Toshiba... I have few questions to ask.. -Is it safe to buy 2Tb instead of 1tb coz i need to sale my 250gb hdd to get 2tb and If i buy 2Tb what are the chances of drive failure..Can we able to...
  18. D

    Folder Lock & My Seagate :-(

    i have a 1TB seagate goflex external hard disk which i had encrypted with folder lock portable...dont know what struck me yesterday.i was trying to remove the folder lock encryption & instead of unlocking i deleted the whole drive & with it all my data of around 850GB...please help me get back...
  19. N

    Problem with Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 2 TB

    I got new system 1 year back with specs are as follow- Windows 7 64-Bit system Intel i5 2500k 3.30 GHz Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti AMP edition Corsair Vengeance DDR3 4 GB x 2 Seagate ST3500418AS ATA 500 GB (my old HDD around 4 years old) with power supply Cooler Master...
  20. Artemis

    External to Internal HDD:Possible

    I own a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent Go HDD. I had bought it in 2008. I own a Macbook Pro 13(2009 model) with only 160GB of hard drive space. With the escalated prices of the hard drives right now I am not ready to invest in a new HDD. I was planning to remove the hard drive from the Seagate...
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