1. Ironman

    Does Seagate REPAIR not Recover its Own Hard Disks in India ?

    I always used Seagate and WDs My Seagate Failure Rate is far more than WDs But i never could find ANY Email of Seagate Support Team. Not even a Working Phone Number to talk to them . My Question : Does Seagate REPAIR HDDs ? (Not Recover ) If you say that Repaired HDD dont last long...
  2. T

    Need internal hard drive 1tb

    I want to buy hdd 1 tb around 4k. I saw great deals on md computers. Price apart which gives better long term reliability. Seagate or wd? Also which has good and sensible customer care of two. I live in jharkhand. So nearest Metro is Kolkata. Please reply at earliest. I would do heavy gaming. I...
  3. gohan89

    Need opinions on the latest Seagate Firecuda SSHD

    I am planning to buy a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB for OS installation and a new hybrid hard drive the latest Firecuda 2TB 3.5" from Seagate fro installing games and storage. It also comes with a 5 year warranty while other HDDs have only a 2 year warranty. It is also 2k cheaper than the WD black...
  4. D

    External HDD 2 TB or more, 10.5 k max, any suggestions?

    I'm looking for an external HDD (2TB or more) for my personal collection (mostly movies, games etc). I don't need encryption and security is not a concern, but I want a reliable one (which can last 3-4 years). My first choice was WD Elements 2TB USB 3.0 (is it blue? green drives are good? can I...
  5. S

    samsung m3 2tb portable external hard drive OR WD my passport Ultra 2tb

    I'm getting Samsung m3 2tb portable external hard drive @ 5939 AND WD my passport ultra @ 6539. Now price difference of 600 is not a big problem for me. I'm looking at after sales service. samsung m3 2tb got really good reviews on amazon, so I'm confused. I know WD is good in ASS, but IDK...
  6. C

    Is it necessary to change the Hard Drive for bad Health Warning from Crystal & to which One?

    One of my HDD showing bad health from Crystal Disk Info. so is it necessary to change the HDD. So I wanna Buy 4 TB HDD so which one should i choose? After googling alot i chose following two HDD's due to reliability. WD Red NAS Hard Disk WD40EFRX Seagate NAS HDD ST4000VN000 4TB im...
  7. V

    Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB

    Hi Friends, I have a seagate backup plus slim 1tb that i had purchased some months ago. I haven't used it a lot but from the very first day i have noticed that the cable connector that connects to the HDD does not clip on very firmly. I have to apply very little pressure to connect or remove...
  8. meetdilip

    HDD replacment for Dell Vostro 3550 laptop

    Hi, Need some help with 500 GB HDD replacement for Dell Vostro 3550. How long does Seagate give warranty ? Dell supports only 1 year warranty. But what if we go directly to Seagate for replacement ? Possible ? Also, can I purchace one directly from Seagate ? Also help me out with other...
  9. B

    Sell my OLD Computer

    i am looking to sell my OLD computer 1) Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 2) Original Intel Motherboard DG41 3) Hynix 2GB RAM 4) Samsung 20inch TFT Monitor 5) Nvidia GT950 1GB Graphics Card 6) Fontech ATX Cabinet 7) Creative 5.1 sound system 8) Seagate Baracuda 500 GB HDD can anybody suggest...
  10. ACidBaseD

    Seagate 1TB Internal Drive @3290/-, Should I be worried?

    I'm getting Seagate 1TB @3290/- THE ABOVE drive isn't "Seagate Barracuda", it's only Seagate. Does that make a difference? The 'cuda drive is on sale for ₹3649/- 1. Should I be worried about anything? 2. Should I prefer WD over Seagate? 3. What are the failure rates of this drive...
  11. bloodlife

    Need help on HDD & SSD

    Hi TDF, Need help in upgrade on HDD and pls suggest a SSD. My signature is the Current system spec Budget=10-12k HDD, which is better? WD Blue WD10EZEX 1 TB / Seagate Barracuda 1 TB (ST1000DM003) SSD, i thought of Kingston 120GB or Samsung 840 EVO 120GB Thanks :)
  12. SaiyanGoku

    Seagate India Refund Query

    I purchased a 1 TB seagate expansion USB 3.0 drive in september 2013. I had to get it RMA'd in Spetember 2014 because it had massive amount of bad sectors. I lost around 80 GB of data. They gave me a refurbished drive. Now, the refurbished one has started to have bad sectors again and...
  13. Ironman

    seagate backup plus slim vs samsung m3 portable [2TB - Both]

    seagate backup plus slim vs samsung m3 portable Which one should i buy ? Samsung M3 Portable 2 TB External Hard Drive - Samsung : Or Online Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB USB 3.0 HDD Prices - Shopclues India Recently i heard that Samsung sold its HDD division to Segeate SO...
  14. R

    [Want to Buy] Seagate ST31500341AS (1.5TB) hard disk, F/W: SD17, P/N: 9JU138-300

    Wanted seagate 1.5TB hard disk Required old hard disk as per this specification Seagate ST31500341AS (1.5TB) F/W: SD17 P/N: 9JU138-300 If anyone has this "exact" disk kindly message me or post here I would like to buy it.
  15. savvy

    1 TB portable hard drive : WD or Seagate ???

    I am looking for an external 1TB hard drive.. I am confused between these two : 1. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External Hard Disk - Seagate: 2. WD My Passport Ultra 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive - WD: Can anyone tell pros and cons of both ... Few bucks price...
  16. P

    best ssd under 15k?

    hello. im looking to upgrade my pc and was hoping that the forum would help me get the best SSD under 15k. i dont know much about setting them up though. is it possible to set up an SSD and an HDD in raid 0 ? im currently using 2 seagate 1 tb HDDs and would like the add the ssd to my setup...
  17. O

    Please suggest a good UPS

    Dear All, Please suggest me a good UPS which will be able to provide me backup for the below config during a power failure... AMD FX 8350 4.0 GHz ASUS - M5A97 EVO R2.0 Corsair TX650V2UK SAPPHIRE HD 7950 3GB GDDR5 OC with Boost VAPOR-X ASUS DRW-24B5ST G.Skill ripjaws 1600 MHz 8 GB...
  18. sameerdatta

    [Want to Buy] Seagate ST3160212SCE PCB (Logic Card)

    I need a Seagate ST3160212SCE PCB (Logic Card) DB35.2
  19. M

    HDD Health + New Seagate Drive = Lower health than other,older HDD.

    In short, I have two hard disk drives - One of 500 GB capacity,which I swapped out of my old PC and a "new" 1TB HDD ,purchased from Snapdeal.Both are by Seagate. I quoted the word 'new' because Snapdeal sent me a drive which was DOA (Dead-On-Arrival) and which was subsequently replaced by...
  20. B

    Seagate 1TB SSHD [Honest review +Benchmarks]

    Dear all, I am pleased to bring you, The Honest, Most detailed and Practical review of Seagate 1TB LAPTOP SSHD. The Prologue- One fine morning, I wake up to discover that my Primary Desktop computer was dead. All said and done, I had made my mind that this time, my primary computer will be a...
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