1. R

    how to Switch off Wifi Auto scanning After it has been connected to 1 wifi network

    ok i have a router right next to my lappy and it connects with the wifi fine.. my ping is usually fine and doesn't fluctuates .. as soon as my wifi starts scanning for other networks like say 20 seconds later then the ping fluctuates again .. how to stop this automatic scanning after it has...
  2. K

    Cheap and best scanner?

    Hi Guys, I am going to buy a SCANNER for a DTP Centre shortly. It may be for heavy use like scanning books and the like. My budget is Rs.4000/-. What is the best scanner for the price?
  3. L

    Need opinion on the Canon MP 287 AIO printer

    I am seriously considering this Printer Canon MP 287. But I need some opinions :P I am going to use it mainly for Scanning apart from very light home printing needs - 2-3 pages / week, mostly B/W. So decent scanning quality is important to me. I realize that the printing costs will be HUGE so...
  4. G

    Advice Some Multi Funtional Laser Printers

    I need a multi functional laser black & White printer. My budget is 18000. My requirement are: 1. print scan copy fax facility 2 Automatic document feeder 3 Automatic two side printing & scanning 4 Must Support paper handling LTR, LGL, A4, B5, A5, Executive, A6, B6, B5, Envelope, Monarch...
  5. A

    Frequent Media Scanning

    It has been a while when i rooted my Samsung Galaxy S5830i using stoneboy's universal gingerbeard root. For 5-7 days i got no problem. One night i put on downloaded many apps on Google Play (5-6) and left it. Next day, after i rebooted my phone, the problem started. The phone gets disconnected...
  6. radonryder

    system restarted during drive not working

    So i was running a scan on my external Imation HDD for errors.It had to be unmounted to do so.I cliked the dialong box that did so.And it was scanning so was isntalling something and the computer restarted mid scan and now the drive shows up without any space under it and when i try to run...
  7. royal

    MFD or scanner

    Hi friends, I am in need of a scanner. However if the price difference between a basic MFD (scan/copy/ fax) and a scanner is not much, I would like to go for the former. I have the follwing brands in mind... Brother Canon HP Lexmark Any other reliable brand you might...
  8. A

    Software for scanning

    Plz suggest a good software for scanning books, if it has OCR than very good ---------- Post added at 03:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:16 PM ---------- I also want to use my descrete scanner as photocopier with my descrete printer, If software can do that without saving the file...
  9. M

    optical media on flights

    i have a huge music and movie collection that i have burnt on DVDs.I have to go to mangalore from delhi via flight.Would i be allowed to take them with me on the plane and also would they be damaged during the x-ray scanning?
  10. cyber

    getting rid of viruses(the new way)-tutorial

    1.close all up the antivirus software (don't hve any go to step 3).enable deep scanning mode in settings.ignore the action option select quarantine . do not set to delete.start the scan,leave ur comp alone. 2.after scanning see how many files hav been quarantined.if no...
  11. D

    suggest an antivirus

    hi everybody..i am a student of 3d animation and i am always working on 3ds max or maya or i need an antivirus that is light on system resources and has a high detection rate.its on demand(manual) scanning shouldnot take too long or slow down my pc..i should be able to use it with...
  12. D

    need a fast and non-resource hungry antivirus

    hi everybody..i am a student of 3d animation and i am always working on 3ds max, maya or photoshop..individually these softwares eat a lot of cpu resources..i am also connected to the internet i need an antivirus that is efficient in detecting viruses i.e it should have a high...
  13. jal_desai

    7 Pin - S-Video Output... Flicker problem on TV. Also No sound in TV...

    I have a 7 Pin s-video cable attached to my HP laptop and to my TV ... as it is a 7-PIN, it has three output pins.. (yellow-for video, red and white-for stereo sound) ... but my problem is... 1) I get the output on my TV screen but ... There is a constant BAND scanning my TV screen from up...
  14. S

    Standalone IP Scanning Software

    Dear All, Can anyone please suggest me a Standalone IP Scanning Software (i.e. I need not require to install it) Thanks in advance Subroto
  15. Charley

    Trojan - Win32.Agent-RS 1[rtk]

    Avast found this trojan during the boot scan, I deleted if but again while scanning it shows the same. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\g7dnkhjs.sys by Win32.Agent-RS 1 [Rtk] What to do ? Need Help.
  16. bukaida

    Getting this error when opening IE7

    Whenever I am opening IE7, I am getting this message" Your computer is infected with a dangerous virus" (See Screen shot)but no virus or spyware was found after scanning with NOD32 and spysweeper(with latest update). Please help.
  17. sidewinder

    Which DVD writer to buy ???

    As the title suggest I need to buy a dvd writer. There are various options available in the market which is making me a bit confused. I have used benq,samsung,lg,sony and liteon drives and has a conclusion that Samsung : Accurate scanning ,Perfect burning but the infamous tray problem is...
  18. R

    new symantec av?

    is there any symantec new version?or something new...i have seen other people use a symantec av that have the command of reboot whenever after a scanning is that a new version or what??
  19. gandip

    need trick

    I have nod 32 as anti virus.Is there any way that when anyone insert pen drive in system the scanning of pen drive occure automatically? how can i do that?
  20. RCuber

    Vista Home Premium And Scanning.

    I have a HP PSC 1410 All-in-One, I had to scan a few documents and photos immediately.. The driver was not a problem cause vista detected the printer and installed all the drivers. I clicked on Microsoft Office Document and Scanning Application installed but got pi$$ed off when it asked for...
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