1. S

    Router suggestion

    i have a D-link dir-615 router i am perfectly happy with its range and connectivity but i wish to add a 2 TB external hard drive and a Hp desk-jet scanner cum printer directly to the router can u suggest which model of router should i upgrade to?
  2. Charley

    Which is the BEST FREE Online Scanner AntiVirus

    I need a free antivirus online scanner. Which is the best ?
  3. G

    cheap laptop with fingerprint scanner

    I want a laptop fr my sister. She uses only fr browsing , watching videos etc only light things. But since she stays in hostel , i would prefer to add a fingerprint scanner. Cant stretch my budget beyond 30-35K. I saw few models in Dell & HP in that range. Bur i dont like both as i...
  4. J

    ubuntu 11.0

    how do i install BenQ scanner 6400ut in ubuntu 11.0?
  5. arpanmukherjee1

    QR Code Scanner for Windows/Linux

    the title is pretty much what i want. a QR Code scanner from image or camera. barcode scanner would be nice. i know some opensource encoder/decoder libraries, but thats for later. i want a s/w with linux (Sabayon 5) and/or windows(win 7 x64) support
  6. A

    High Speed Camrea or Scanner

    hello, I am developing a project that needs to read a visiting card on a assembly line of 10000 cards in queue. The amt of cards to be read is on a daily basis. I need to store the information of card in my db after some pattern matching is accomplished. Can anyone help me with foll: 1...
  7. mitraark

    Cheapest Simple Scanner Kolkata

    Hello everyone , I am looking forward to buy a scanner , for scanning Class Notes and Books [ Lots and LOTS of them ] and making PDF's of them[ Now we use Mobile Camera for the purpose :( , not really efficient ] I want the cheapest , simple scanner available , no extra features needed ...
  8. R

    virtual box (printer port???)

    i have installed ''virtual box'' developed by oracle in my windows7-ultimate OS. I have been running windowsXP in that virtual box. I have a scanner which is to be connected to the scanner/printer port of desktop. the scanner is not USB compatible as it is old model. So i want to use this...
  9. I

    Required: High Speed Scanner

    Hi, I want to buy a scanner mainly to scan office documents and occasionally, photos. Can anybody please suggest me a good scanner for this (How about Canon?). My budget is maximum up to 6k to 7k. Thanks...
  10. P

    Flatbed scanner

    I occasionally need a flatbed scanner, but not often enough to justify buying a new one. So I'm looking for a used one. The seller must be willing to ship. Shipping charges and other conditions can be discussed in private. Hard to say how much I'm willing to pay as it depends on the model. As...
  11. C

    All In One Printer below 16k

    Can anyone suggest all-in-one printer below 16k ? I want Fax, Scanner and Printer.
  12. C

    HP Scanner + Ethernet Hub + Speakers

    1. Model number and details: Surecom Ep 608 mini 8 port Ethernet Hub 2. Date of purchase: November 2002 3. Reason for sale: I am selling it as I do not require it anymore. The product is under good condition and there are no faults in it. 4. Warranty details: Warrenty has expired. 5 .Buying...
  13. hdsk.23

    Lasetjet printer & scanner required….

    Hello Everybody.. I am interested to purchase one Laser printer cum scanner for Home use. Please suggest your views… My local vendor is recommending me to purchase HP Laserjet M1136 MFP model (its cost is around 10k) My only purpose is to take prints and copy/scan documents. I do not...
  14. royal

    MFD or scanner

    Hi friends, I am in need of a scanner. However if the price difference between a basic MFD (scan/copy/ fax) and a scanner is not much, I would like to go for the former. I have the follwing brands in mind... Brother Canon HP Lexmark Any other reliable brand you might...
  15. S

    Scanner & Inkjet Printer

    Hi, I would like to buy a Scanner & a Inkjet Printer(not 2 in 1, separately). It is requested you to suggest me a good one. My total budget is approx. 4000-5000. regsrds, Soumya Banerjee
  16. B

    suggest good scaner partner with canon pixma ip4870 printer

    i can finalize my printer option-canon pixma ip4870.but i dont know about scaner.suggest good scanner around 10k for my home use(scaning photos).
  17. mohityadavx

    BUY OCR Printer SCanner MFD etc..

    Hi! I want to buy a printer scanner combo. It should have following:- 1) Cheap Printing Cost 2)Good Scanner 3)Won't mind issue with its size or bulkiness Budget Policy:-:- Cheaper the Better :grin::grin::grin: (Basically from cheapest to 7k) Preferred Brand:- HP,Brother 8-) I have to scan...
  18. S

    Dedicated Best Scanner available in Kolkata India

    Dedicated Best Scanner available in Kolkata India Hi Friends, I am planning to buy a new HP scanner (dedicated one) flatbed scanner for scanning of documents on regular basis. I believe HP is the best branded company for scanners. Pls suggest good affordable model for scanners...
  19. A

    All in one printer under 5k

    which will be the best printer cum scanner for animation purpose. Cannon preferred.
  20. rohanmathew

    Blueray Laptop with Core i3 and Fingerprint reader

    Help to Find Blueray LAPTOP IN 60K I am looking for a laptop with following spec. 1.Blue ray Combo 2.Core i3/i5 3.Finger Print Scanner 4.HD LED Screen 5.500 GB HDD 6.4GB DDR3 1333MHZ RAM Please help me with this.My Budget is 60K.
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