1. Shloeb

    Call of duty 5 world at war saved games needed

    My saved games got corrupted. I was in the level that comes after the level in which we control the tank. I don't intend to play it again. Can somebody give me their saved games? Plz its urgent. I m dyin to play this game. :D :(
  2. F

    suggest proccy + mobo under 20k

    a friend of mine is thinking of getting a new processor and motherboard his budget is 20k. Use of computer : Gaming! Gaming! Gaming! lol if some money could be saved, great as he could get an aftermarket cpu/gpu cooler.. even if nothing can be saved not a problem he has an aftermarket cpu...
  3. D

    How to use gprs in nokia 3110c with cellone

    please help me. I have confirmed GPRS service by sms and have recieved confirmation but how to set it on my 3110c. I have downloaded those 4 settings and saved what next. please can someone help me who has the same phone
  4. Shloeb

    Gears of war saved games

    I formatted my pc but forgot to backup my saved games. Can anybody provide me theirs? I need the saved games from Act IV Entrenched. Please i don't want to play the whole game again. :(
  5. G

    Accessing windows registry using C#

    i am developing a C# application where i need to save the user input given by the user in a dialog prompt in the registry.then show the output say the font style and color of the text which i have selected in the form should be saved in the registry even when i close the application and open it...
  6. P

    Help required

    Hey friends, I got my DataOne conn. few days ago but now It has made my PC slow so I want to format my PC. plz. tell me what all settings should I need to note down so that I reconfigure DataOne back after format. Secondly, I have saved many passwords in plz tell me which files to...
  7. B

    retrive password

    I have lost my dataone password which i have saved on my web browser firefox and when i upgraded to vista? i lost my password and i am not remembring it. I am a big trouble.... I have my ip address which i have saved on my pendrive when testing speed @ Is there any way to retrive...
  8. Y

    Opening Saved Web Pages

    Is there any way i can open web pages saved in a folder though their links instead of double clicking on each and every icon or going to file -open when i am offline.
  9. L

    Windows Live messenger saved conversations

    Ok, I can not explain fully. The situation is that, my friend has recently come to know that her Ex-boyfriend had been spying on her hotmail Email account (He told her over phone about a mail that she received). Now she has changed the password. The other thing she is worried about is if he...
  10. A

    How to avoid showing saved password in Firefox

    when my friend sit on my pc, they see all saved password in firefox, is there any way to avoid others to see my saved password ?
  11. R

    how to lock desktop so no files saved on desktop

    I am a poor organizer & have a bad habit of doing too many things (I am trying to improve:rolleyes::rolleyes:) all together. What I do is that anything useful I just drag it from FF3 to the dektop/save images & webpages to desktop & within few days I cant find my own saved data. I have...
  12. M

    COD 4 - PC Restarted............all saved games lost

    Hi, I was playing COD 4.........I had almost completed ACT 2....and sudenly lights went off.......when later i started the PC.........I was shocked to notice that My profile was there in game......but no saved games.......which mean i will have to start it again ?? when i searched...
  13. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Word Password Lost....URGENT HELP`

    guys i've lost the password of ma document in MS Office was saved in office XP mode... How can i recover it...???
  14. mad1231moody

    DVD RW wooeess

    I am in a fix here. I am trying to write some DVD's but I am unable to do so. The log says it is some power calibration error. I have attatched 2 txt files which are the log saved , please check em out and tell me what can be the problem :-D
  15. ayush_chh

    Hidden Folder!

    hi guys! i was just trying an old trick of adding CLSID at the end of the folder Name......and accidentally i added this Windows Security - {2559A1F2−21D7−11D4−BDAF−00C04F60B9F0} Now the problem is i cannot rename the folder using ren command in command prompt. it gives message "system...

    lost saved passwords.... help !

    i have lost all my passwords... saved in firefox password manager.... although ff works perfectly fine.... n bookmarks are also secure... but password manager does not show any saved passwords. :( i am using firefox version pls help me guys..... :( anyone ?
  17. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Picture to txt **Urgent**

    Is there any way i can convert a scaned txt page to a world document???:(:(...i badly need it guys...i need to scan a book but don't know how to get da txt saved as a document....plz help
  18. azzu


    thread is dedicated to Firefox trouble shooting (wrong section ??) ok iam unable to download anything from my Firefox (ver2.0) when ever i load wall papers and click them save they dont get SAVed and same with the download's i tried latest FF version and 2.0 but no use still iam facing the...
  19. littlegoku

    Quake 4 saved game

    Hi everyone.Can anyone please send me the saved game file of Data Storage Security level of Quake 4?If anyone has that file please send it to in advance.
  20. S

    Web Pages On PSP

    I want ot know that Is there any way to open Saved internet explorer files on My Psp Web Browser? I have Lot of wikipedia notes saved as a Web Pages & Now i want to read all these on my PSP via Memory stick pro duo. Is it possible ?
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