How to avoid showing saved password in Firefox

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when my friend sit on my pc, they see all saved password in firefox, is there any way to avoid others to see my saved password ?


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In Firefox , Go To < Tools < Options < Security < Uncheck Remember Passwords For Sites ..

After that , u can configure how firefox handle ur privacy , under the privacy tab ! :)


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Set a master password... Everytime you start Firefox you will first be asked the master password. Then only you will be able to use your saved passwords.

Also if Firefox is open and your friends try to see your saved passwords, it will again ask for the master password.

You can set master password by going to Tools ---> Options ---> Security ---> and then check "Use a master password".


seems even that doesn't work. Go here
So, if you have a shared system, never save your passwords. and have a 12+ digit password and type it everytime (yes, its a pain!!)
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