1. D

    video recover

    Where does the videos viewed by browsers like opera, firefox get saved on the harddisk from websites like google, youtube
  2. bajaj151

    Fast & Secure with FIREFOX add on

    Windows/Mac/Linux (Firefox): The Secure Login Firefox extension adds an extra layer of security to your saved Firefox usernames and passwords. After it's installed, saved login info won't autofill when the page loads (autofilling passwords poses a small security threat); instead, you can either...
  3. linardni

    Can't save plz

    I cannot save graphics on my hard disk by right clicking on teh graphivs an dchoosing Save image as...option. The open pops up and save as window comes but upon saving with a name nothing is saved. Please help.
  4. A

    what will happen if i update my firefox ?

    if ill update my firefox to 2.X, all the Bookmarks and Bookmarks Toolbar, all cookies and such, extensions and everything else will be saved ?
  5. piyushp_20

    windows XP easter egg

    If you’re using Windows XP operating system, try this little hidden and secret trick which reveals sort of easter egg or bug by using Notepad. Open Notepad by clicking on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad. Type “bush hid the facts” or “this fun hit video” (without quotes and do...
  6. anandk

    How to Force IE to save passwords...again !

    With AutoComplete 'on', your IE prompts you whether to save the logon name/password or not. If you select 'No' your decision is recorded in the registry and you wont be prompted again ! But what if you change your mind ? Here is how you can reset. Run Regedit >...
  7. int86

    Problem in making VCDs

    I have few AVSEQ.DAT files. When I try to make a VCD with Nero, it takes around 20 minutes to re-encode it, then it burns. Since those are already dat files, cant those 20 minutes be saved.
  8. BBThumbHealer

    Limewire Pro Probs..

    hey buddies.. i download two video songs from Limewire and saved them in this directory :: C:\Program Files\Limewire\Downloads [ Created my own folder ] now when i browse to the folder within the limewire directoy..there is no such folder available :confused:...turned on all hidden files and...
  9. M

    Data not saved during Hibernating !

    I own a Dell Inspiron Laptop with 1 GB ram and I am used to regularly hibernate d system if I am gonna return back in half hour or so ... But nowadays my laptop has suddenly started to spur up a warning that says : All the data could not be saved . Due to this I have already lost lot of data...
  10. caleb

    How to install programs saved as tar.gz?

    I've just downloaded acidrip as a tar.gz file and saved it on /home/calebr/acidrip-0.14.tar.gz/ Now how do I install it: here is what I'm looking for 1. I'd like a detailed command line(s) to install the above program 2. Also how to use Kuroo to install the same...or any program for...
  11. T

    hidden files not shown.

    i clicked on the option of "show hidden files and folders" on folder options>view settings. but when i press ok to save the setting then nothing happens. hidden files r not shown. and when i checked again then it seems that the changes made had not been saved.. so plz help me, how i can...
  12. tanush_89

    Passwords and firefox

    Hi guys, My id got hacked so I created a new one. I mentioned that post earlier but nobody provided the solution. I had a account with DCtorrents whose password I dont remember but its saved in firefox. Now how can I retrieve that password. I assure you I'm not hacking , its my password only.
  13. S

    Partial Download

    hi guys i I have a dial up connection, & using DAP 8.1 as my download manager I have Download a game which is 2559.00 MB in size upto 320 mb but my windows corrupt and i have format that partition and saved the 320 mb game file.I have dual operating system(Both WinXP).Now I want to know that...
  14. evil_maverick

    Plz Help!! Prob With Asp!!

    hello ppl am new to asp!! and i was doing some asp prgmin (i hv win xp pro installed) but i am getting this err --> Error Type: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A0046) Permission denied /MyWeb/cnt.asp, line 8 whenever am trying to run my application!! plz help!! i hv saved the...
  15. romeo_8693

    CHKDSK help

    i want to know wer the log file is saved after check disk is run?
  16. Ron

    Where is virus defination saved in Norton Antivirus 2003

    Hey, i have Norton Antivirus 2003 where the virus defination is upto-date.... Now , Can i copy thoses virus defination from one computer to another. Then How???? Where is defination saved..... Ron
  17. Rollercoaster

    HELP: Splinter Cell Chaos theory level cheats or saved game for Mission 7

    guys my game freezed and i had to restart the pc. when i restarted the game it told me that my profile has corrupted. i tried a whole lot of ways but couldnt use the saved games or quick saves in another profile. :-( could anyone please find something on the net.i am having a hard time and i...
  18. P

    Bluetooth data with nokia 6681

    I own a nokia 6681. How do i transfer bluetooth data i receive in my inbox to my PC? I can't find it anywhere except in the inbox. And with the nokia 6270, i cannot access the "saved messages" from my PC. Please help!
  19. bizzare_blue

    backing up passwords saved in Firefox

    I use Mozilla Firefox frequently use its "save passwords" feature and have saved passwords for many sites..Now I want to format my HDD and reinstall the OS which means I will have to reinstall Firefox too... I wanted to know if there is any way of backing up my saved passwords(in...
  20. A

    MAX Payne 2 Please help

    Hi, I was playing the MAX Payne 2 until i reached this point i think Part 3 where i need to protect that huge funny character. I am stuck at that point, the problem is that i saved the game at the point Now everytime i start the game and load that saved point my computer comes to the...
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