1. Desperado

    Sony dvd writer sound problem....

    Well long story short.. whenever i play a dvd / cd with my sony dvd Rw the sound kind of echoes, the picture is slightly slower, the sound blurs... the blurry sound is like "kissing sounds" .. it happens only if i play it on my dvd player.. BUT WHEN I PLAY A MOVIE SAVED ON MY HARDDRIVE .. it...
  2. ashu888ashu888

    Saved game files of NFS-U2

    Hey guys, I hv installed NFS-U2 in my E: drive and i dnt knw by wat name is the saved file named as. So please tell me how to look for it so tat i can back it up and then reinstall the game as i am getting errors in it. Cheers n e-peace....
  3. gaurav_indian

    Is it possible to unflatten the layers in a GIF image?

    I want to know whether it is possible to unflatten the layers or edit the GIF image once you saved it as .gif?
  4. s18000rpm

    Windows Clipboard

    Where does all the info/files get temporarily saved. when we copy a particular text does it get saved in "temp" folder in some temp. "notepad file" before we save it to other place. If yes/no whats the name of that temp file & where's its location.
  5. T

    is there a way to see any cd saved as its image

    hi if i have saved a cd as its image nero(image) is there a way i can see what that image contains . hope u get my point:->
  6. nithinks

    Gimme MAFIA saved games!

    hello members Can anyone give me the saved game files(completed) of mafia? my email id is thank u
  7. quan chi

    gta vice city problem need your help.please.

    guys i am having a problem with gta vice see i have completed the level cabmggedon(where you get an zebra kauffman cab) without any cheats and saved the game.but now when ever i try to load that mission from the saved games it doesnt load and i get an error report saying gta vice city...
  8. qarch

    Web site calculator applets

    There are many web sites with web pages which have calculator programs in the background (as applets) for doing calculations. An example can be seen at site "". When I saved the web page it also saved the applets (having .class extensions). In other similar...
  9. ssk_the_gr8

    fifa 2005 saved game files

    i installed fifa on my d: drive my windows got corrupt and i had to reinstall it i had backed up all my files could someone please tell me where are my saved game files so i can use theam when i reinstall the game
  10. montsa007

    ngage qd games discussion only

    feel free to discuss about ngage qd games also saved games attached here request completed games
  11. emailaatif786

    save the page

    when we save a page in internet explorer, all things are not saved such as flash, gif nav etc..why?
  12. U

    Saving flash and java pages anyway

    How can I save the flash and java content on the webpages which can't be saved directly. It's true that the contents of webpages are temporarily saved in hard-disk so can't we extract all the contents from there. For e.g. it contains the great flash content and also...
  13. M

    HL2 saved game where?????

    HL2 saved game where????? c:/ ???
  14. B


  15. M

    where is UT 2004 saved game files located..

    where is UT 2004 saved game files located....
  16. abhishek66

    Sacn to text

    Is there any way i scan pages from my book and store them as text files on the computer or are scanned images only saved as images?
  17. chitvan

    can i remove command saved in run?

    can i remove command which is saved in run dialog box?
  18. M

    Where is NFS MW saved files located???

    Where is NFS MW saved files located???.Want to format my computer.
  19. M

    Recovering Saved password

    Hi guys i use winxp and i have forgotten the password of my dialup account . But the password is saved in my dialup connection . Is there any software thro which i can know the saved password .
  20. shariq_pj

    Saved Game Restoration

    Guys... I hav lots of saved games in my Hard drive and I'm goin to change the hard disk soon.... So, I jus want to know from u guys how can I restore saved games on to the new hard disk... I have Doom3, NFS Underground and Prince of Persia The warrior wthin...
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