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Hey friends,

I got my DataOne conn. few days ago but now It has made my PC slow so I want to format my PC. plz. tell me what all settings should I need to note down so that I reconfigure DataOne back after format.

Secondly, I have saved many passwords in plz tell me which files to backup so that I don't lose my p/w.

Any other suggestions regarding format is also welcomed.



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I assume you have bridge mode enabled, and thats why you are asking for dataone settings backup.
You dont need to backup anything as the config is saved in the router.

And please use proper descritive titles in the future. Everyone who creates a topic in this section is seeking help. If you use proper titles you are more likely to get a response.


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Go to Control Panel->Network Connections, right-clk on the LAN connection that u use and then click on Properties. Now scroll down to find Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), highlight it and click Properties.Now note down the IP addresses along with the field names. When u've reinstalled Windows, follow the same route and then fill in the addresses that u noted.

To take a backup of Firefox passwords, try MozBackup or the Password Exporter extension.
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Try portable apps and it will be very useful and handy when you go for partitioning / moving. It is not only meant for flash drive / removable media but good for normal HDD / partitions as well. You do not have to worry on saved settings / passwords etc.

For now, you can try Mozbackups and there are some extensions (password import export ones)


Firstly, thx to all those who helped me!
I had tweaked various settings etc. on my Windows which were shown in Digit forum and other trusted that the tweaks will be can any1 provide me few links to webpages that have all the major tweaks plz

@Indyan I have DataOne conn. for which I have to dial first. I don't know if it is called bridge mode or not! I have to note down only IP address then? Coz there are two things in my Network Conn.

1st is LAN...for which there is an IP address
2nd is named Broadband for which there is obtain the IP address automatically

@abh1shek your post was of great use..if u have Any other suggestions regarding format (i mean backing up of data of various common apps) then plz do share

@din I know abt portableapps.

Expecting replies as stated in this post...thx


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Noting down the ip address isnt neccesary as it should work fine even if its left to autodetect mode (but incase you have set up port forwarding that wont work). - as it is in your case.
Once you reinstall windows just install the drivers for lan card and create a new connection (bband that requires username and password).
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