1. A

    How frequently do you discharge your laptop battery ?

    I am a stay at home laptop user, I don't carry it around much but I generally run my laptop on battery(except when I am playing games, during which time the laptop remains plugged in)...I use the laptop battery like my mobile phone(100% charge then discharge till 10% and then recharge...repeat)...
  2. sameerdatta

    Cheapest 14in Laptop

    Hi Guys, I own a company and we need to give laptops to our marketing executives. they will work through our web based platform, use google docs and surf the net only and run linux can you suggest the cheapest 14" laptop on the market that will conform to our requirements Thanks a ton
  3. P

    Gaming Laptop at 45k

    I am looking for a decent gaming laptop,and my budget is 45k Max. It should run Most recent games smoothly... Thank you in advance..
  4. T

    UPS not compatible with home Inverter :X

    I have an Intex UPS BLACK ARMOUR 725 UPS. My landlord has a Powertech sinewave inverter with two 150 ah Powertech batteries... I can't run my desktop on UPS as when electricity goes the UPS will run on Inverter for few minutes n then sounds of tik tik tik tik will start which makes me crazy n i...
  5. jaimin100

    need sugeestion for upgrade

    hello friends i have this kind of configuration on my pc INTEL CORE 2 DUO E7500 @2.93GHZ 3 GB RAM 512 MB NVDIA GEFORCE 8400 500 GB HD WD now i want to make it that it can run most of games suggest me peripherals for this which should i replace? i m not going invest in monitor mouse...
  6. H

    Samsung Galaxy S II I9100G good choice or not?

    ok guys am going to buy a smartphone and i someow like the s2.Always wanted what i want to know is that will this phone be updated to jellybean and can i run games like dead trigger,riptide and score...temple run etc on this phone and if there is any other phone in that price range...
  7. cray.x

    No new application running with win 7

    hey hi people I'm going through this strange problem, today i tried to install Counter Strike, after installation when i tried running it, it showed me a black screen and the again brought me to my desktop. i thought it as weird. after that i tried to run Sculptris but again it refused to run...
  8. J

    MinGW.... how to run it?????

    Ok... So i downloaded the installer and chose everything under "basic" setup. It installed following-> It went fine and I added the environment variable as "C:\MinGW\bin" But now I dont know how to run this thing. Please tell. PS-> Newbie in C, just started today.
  9. Alok

    ram problem with Windows exp. Index

    Hello friends Problem is that I replaced my 2x1GB ram with a single 2GB ram. Started computer and clicked Windows assessment index for ratings and it came up with an error saying : windows can not complete assessment due to problem in driver/component... So I thought of testing
  10. V

    gigabyte ga h61m ds2 motherboard issue

    i've purchsd this mobo frm flipkart some 45 days back,now it is giving me trouble like smtimes it'll display on screen & whn i turn it off thn next day no display at all.thn again by luck it'll show display & if i run any game like crysis or metro last light it'll run without any prblm for as...
  11. A

    Restrict screen size

    My monitors upper right corner has died (in the shape of a circle). Is there anyway I can restrict windows to run as if it was running in a lower sized monitor? To make it clear, my monitor is 22.5" Full HD. I want everything (especially games) to run as if they were running in a 20" 720p...
  12. I

    HCL Monitor Flickers

    I have a HCL LED Monitor and it was working fine until today. When i switched on my PC i noticed some green blotches ont the welcome screen and when my desktop screen came i noticed green flickering dots on it. It bothered me but i ddnt take any notice, but i noticed that it was affecting my...
  13. bssunilreddy

    AMD FX 8320 + Corsair H60 Cooler = High Temperatures

    Hai, The AMD FX 8320 Black Edition in my PC is at completely stock voltages and BIOS Settings.It has a Corsair H60 as CPU Cooler and the case is a Corsair 300R.The rest of my PC's Specifications can be found in my signature.However temperatures as reported by Core Temp can be seen below...
  14. D

    Looking for cheaper Desktop PC.

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: No Games, Office Suite, Browsing. (Old one is a sempron 64 bit. ) AutoCAD sometimes. Games UT 2004 sometimes. (Sporadically but rig should be able to run). 2. What is your overall budget? If you...
  15. ispyder

    which will be the best mobo for me?

    I am going to play Hardcore games at 1080p(HDTV, 40inch) at Ultra(highest possible) settings. I am going to use Intel i7-4770K. Suggest me the best Motherboard for it. Budget is under 30K, only for mobo. I will also be doing lots of multitasking, so make sure the mobo is fast enough to...
  16. S

    Urgent advice on UPS

    Hi guys, This is my config (thank you guys for this config :) )- amd fx8350 asus M5a97 EVO R2 Corsair Ram 8gbx1 Seasonic S12II 520 ati radeon hd 5450 Corsair400r cabinet. 1) I am currently using microtek 625 heritage gold. It gives backup of 1min sometimes no backup at all when CPU is on...
  17. Abhishek Nama

    Lean and Mean PC suggestion needed

    The thread title may seem a bit misleading, just a bit of fun :D 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.')...
  18. rajsujayks

    Unable to instal/runl software in W7 Home Premium x64, unless I right-click and "Run as Admin"

    I am using Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit edition in my Dell Inspiron 15R SE laptop ever since I bought it last October. I have 4 partitions - C, D, F and H. I have a Administrator user account and the Guest account turned on. I blocked access to Guest for D, F and H drives by denying all...
  19. bssunilreddy

    Is Asus HD7770 1GB is sufficient to run GTA5 in medium to high settings?

    Hai guys, I want to know whether Asus HD7770 1GB is sufficient enough to run GTA5 in medium to high settings without any crashes and having any FPS hit. I mean low FPS while playing it. Any suggestions as to which GPU is best under 12k and if 2GB versions are needed or not. I am thinking of...
  20. flyingcow

    Please suggest a linux distro for netbook [URGENT]

    Hi, Please suggest me a lightweight distro Requirements -Easy to use [for a linux newbie] -Ultra Lightweight [Should be able to run on specs given below] -Must run smoothly,shouldnt lag -Attaractive/Modern GUI P.S. the apps/softwares for linux are dependant on the distro?? ex. if...
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