1. KRISHI101

    How to Remove remaining start up - RUN regestry virus..

    I had virus named sservice.exe but i removed it by using IOBIT malware, but now whenever i start up my PC suddenly error message comes on screen... cant find C:\WINDOWS\system\sservice.exe it is so much irritating.. i know it is in registry RUN, but i cant find it.. it is always comes...
  2. Lord073

    Will RE1, RE2 & RE3 run on Windows 7???

    Hey guys, I want to play all the Resident Evil games (main series) before RE6 comes out. As I've already played RE4 & RE5, so my question is that will the first three RE games run on my PC?
  3. koolent

    Running X-Men Wolverine

    Hi, I wanted to know whether I can run X-MEN Origins Wolverine on my PC.. My PC's configuration is.. OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz Graphics : Intel GMA 3100 RAM 2 GB Even if I can run it with the lowest graphics quality.. Plz tell me.. Thanks
  4. koolent

    How to Use 3D Analyzer....

    Hi, I am having the following configuration: Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz Graphics : Intel GMA 3100 128 MB RAM : 2 GB Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit I want to Run X-Men Origins: Wolverine on my pc which requires 256 MB GPU Memory.. Anybody knows how can I run it...
  5. E

    bsnl modem help

    hey guys how are you doing?i have bsnl broadband unlimited 1350 plan.i am using nokia siemens modem provided by bsnl.few days ago my link started blinking,so i complained bsnl about it.but without their any action the modem started to work i am facing other the data...
  6. U

    Gaming latop under 60k must run skyrim

    hey mates, i just joined here .. and my main reason for joining is that i need a gaming laptop under 60k (max 65k) should be able to run games like skyrim and preferably a 1080p screen that is the main reason i have searched a lot of forums and saw many reviews, but the more i see, the...
  7. N

    Multimedia/Medium-level gaming PC required.Need advice on configution

    hi, everyone. i require a new Desktop PC as my present PC is 7 years old and giving me pain in the neck.Please suggest a good configuration:- Here's my Questinnaire :- 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as...
  8. I

    Need a gaming laptop under 65k

    Hey guys i am currently in India for a couple of months and i need to buy a laptop for gaming. I have a Sandy System back home in the states, that will more than run all the games maxed, but i need a laptop to play on right now. I will not be returning home for a couple of months so i...
  9. S

    Suggest PC for academic use

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: (a) To run MATLAB (or similar software) for processing ultra large dataset (image/audio/video). Requires a day or more in...
  10. kartikoli

    Suggestion for electric bike for city use of daily 20 km+ run

    i want a electric bike/scooter for city use which can hold good with 2 riders and around 20km of daily run i dont want any powerful bike with 150Cc of engine or so ... just need a bike that is good for normal use is there any reliable electric bike which can do the job or should i go with...
  11. Nipun

    Dual Display Doesn't run properly.

    Hello people! After reading a thread about dual display setup I had a feeling about trying it myself so I attached monitor from my old PC with current PC.:mrgreen::)) Both displays are working fine, I can drag and drop the windows I want to other screen BUT when I tried to run Burnout...
  12. cute.bandar

    Skyrim will run on your low-end computer.

    as long as you have a decent-ish gpu For those wondering if their PC will be able to run skyrim. My low-end-ish PC (with a medium end GPU) is handling skyrim just fine on medium-high settings with 2x antialiasing on 1600x900. I expected it run on low , but even on high it runs just fine :)...
  13. Zangetsu

    Android Apps in Windows

    This is good for all windows users as well as Android users. now you can run android apps on windows..yes its possible now :grin: Source: Run Android apps on Windows - "BlueStacks is an app player for Windows, which can play Android apps faster than it can run on a phone...
  14. I

    CMOS bad checksum problem in window startup

    when i swithon my PC. it shows black screen with following message: CMOS checksum bad CMOS Date/time is not set press F1 to run setup can anybody tell me what is the problem. thanks in advance.
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