1. TechnoBOY

    Tor and VPN users labeled as criminals will be hacked and spied by FBI under new law

    We had reported a landmark judgement by the United States Supreme Court, which will give FBI powers to hack any computer in the world using a single warrant. The same judgement contains a innocuous para related to Tor and VPN users. The newly approved rule change by the U.S. Supreme Court...
  2. TechnoBOY

    U.S. Supreme Court allows the FBI to Hack any Computer in the World

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can now Hack your computers anywhere, anytime. The FBI appeared to have been granted powers to hack any computer legally across the country, and perhaps anywhere in the world, with just a single search warrant authorized by any United States judge...
  3. T

    Another Site Hacked !!

    Today Rule W4s H3re was hacked. Its a site didicated to Hacintosh. For MOD: If it is against the rule here, please delete this thread.
  4. J

    No SMS language

    Nobody should use SMS language in the forum. make this a rule.
  5. quan chi

    how good gamer you really are??

    to the topic.i was getting bored with same all those threads and all monotonic posts.therefore i came up with a kind of contest where no prices will be awarded except points.:D this thread is intended for fun only therefore please try to maintain the fun factor. [/CENTER][/FONT] RULEZ...
  6. Phantom Lancer

    History: The Indian Dark Ages (1750-1950 AD)

    The Rise of India as a economic and military heavy weight has challenged the Western notion of "Everything good comes from the west" ,but many people seem to have trouble accepting it . In many internet discussion forums i have noticed that people generally tend to credit Colonial Britain with...
  7. cyber

    microsoft and IE

    well guys what do u think of the latest rule that microsoft should not add internet explorer to its installation package(os).:-( my view i think this rule was not right as microsoft has also given the right to users to uninstall it an install new browsers.
  8. victor_rambo

    Spamming is my birthright and I want it! Hell if you oppose me!

    Yes, you read it correctly. Spamming is my birthright. I am not speaking about spamming with porn links, warez links, etc. I mean we should be allowed to post mindless and non-sensical posts in chit-chat section. Offlate, some of the threads I am seeing in chit-chat section are closed down...
  9. nvidia

    [MUST READ]Rule 49-O of the conduct of elections

    I hope this is true :) Is this the right section btw?
  10. Choto Cheeta

    Windows 7 - Hardware performance a Quick look. (56k)

    Source -> Choto Cheeta Online Microsoft has just released the M3 built for Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista. The new OS is expected to enter the market by early 2010. As being a Microsoft MVP, I have been given the chance to test the OS first hand. So let us take a quick look at the...
  11. koolbluez

    Nazi's gift to the World - Global Brands !

    The Nazi's are notorious for their genocide, esp. Führer Herr Hitler. But, till today you've used (or dreamt of) at least one product from a company that, at one time, worked for the Nazis! Don't believe me! You better do.... The Third Reich, as Germany was called under the Nazi rule, was...
  12. iMav

    [Zune] Bypass 3 Play Rule for Shared Music

    Bypass 3 Play Rule for Shared Music One of the early complaints about the WiFi sharing ability on the Zune was the rule that limits playback to 3 days or 3 plays on shared tracks. The Zune team eliminated the 3 day rule but left the 3 play rule intact with the latest...
  13. nishantv2003

    Important, Pls Tell....

    my father is in judicial service, he and every judge is getting bsnl home 900 ul plan, but high court is saying that u r allowed to see only judical sites and if u visit any site other then judical one eg. yahoo,orkut,indiatimes etc, they will know abt it by going through there data record or...
  14. anandk

    Will Windows Vista RULE?

    Will Windows Vista RULE? A Qualitative Report Card. IMPACT OF VISTA. Globally speaking, well, inspite of Microsofts efforts, there has been confusion on certain fronts. The first being "Why Vista"... HAS VISTA MET EXPECTATIONS. Well, Yes and No... HAS VISTA REALLY INCREASED...
  15. Gigacore

    Will Pirates Rule !

    Will Pirates Rule? Awe there are so many piracy will be going on every second in the world. Only few pirates will be caught. Do you think all the Pirates are recognized and caught? As seen in the news only Movie and Audio Pirates are the most who gets caughted.. The Software...
  16. src2206

    Port forwarding problem in HUAWEI Quidway WA3001A Router

    Hello friends I am desparately trying to forward one port manually in this router provided with my Dataone BB Connection, but no matter how much I try I always get an error massege: "ERROR: Error found on this page". I have succesfully created the new rule involving the port I desire to...
  17. naveen_reloaded

    U R Prime Minister Rule Can Be Passed...wht Will Be Urs??

  18. trigger

    mini tuto: Creating rule line in the ms-word

    just during the r&d work on word i got this interesting thng. there is a quick shortcut for creating rule line/ horizontal line in the ms-word. just type ~~~<enter> or ###<enter> or ***<enter> or ___<enter> or ---<enter> or ===<enter> in short just type any of these letters { ~ # * _ - = } 3...
  19. nishant_nms

    Comodo Firewall

    After many isscusions on this forum I had opted for Comodo firewall and atlast I stoped using Windows firewall. Now I am facing a problem I am not able to use Azureus efficiently after installing it. It tells that it is NAT is firewalled. Then I tried the NAT test and it gave error. Now plz help...
  20. a_medico

    Your favorite movie quote

    Hava tej chalta hai Dinkarrao. Topi sambhalo. Ud jayega! - Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, Agneepath __________ The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight CLUB. The second rule of fight club is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB! - Tyler Durden, Fight Club
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