1. B

    Connecting two modems with one phone line

    Hello Friends, My friend is using SHITtel broadband. He has a phone line in one room and a parallel one in other room in which there is no wifi signal of the modem which is kept in the first room. He is planning to get a splitter for the second room and connect a modem with the parallel line...
  2. B

    UPS on fire, need advice

    Hi Guys, I have a 8-10 years old Wipro UPS which I use with my xp pc. In my area particularly in summers there are very long electricity cuts, this UPS helped me save work and turn off the pc accordingly. I used to get the batteries replaced after every 2 or so years whenever the battery backup...
  3. R

    Speaker System crisp clear sound for home use

    Hi All, Want to buy a speaker system to connect with my LED TV (Panasonic A300) as well as smartphone. After researching online, I think a decent set would cost me anywhere between INR 5-10K. I am not a BASSHEAD but need something which can fill my living room with crisp and clear audio. I found...
  4. S

    WiFi Signal low; Repeater vs router in repeater mode?

    I have my wireless model in my room, and I recently added Teewe dongle for the TV in Living Room. Unable to stream offline files and it takes lots of times to stream YouTube. The problem is low WiFi signal- Sometime no connection. Should I buy a "Netgear WNR614 Wireless N300 Router" (or...
  5. F

    Want to buy window ac

    Dear Friends, I want to buy window ac, which brand is good? what capacity ac should buy? area is room 120sq ft, I am living in Mumbai.
  6. A

    Can i connect my DTH box to 3RCA Male 6 RCA female cabel

    Hi i want little help i just want to ask can anyone tell me can i connect my DTH setup box to 3RCA Male 6 RCA female cabel coz i have tv in my one room and desktop in other room and i want to watch and record one show on My desktop via External tv tuner Card but the problem is The Audio/video...
  7. vedula.k95

    Hey Guys i need some help regarding Rent issue?

    Hello Digit Forum, this is a pretty silly question,but i really need your help here,i am second year CS student and i am living in hostel,i am planning to shift to a PG after this semester(3 rd Semester). Hence i started to search a PG nearby,and found one. Talked to the caretaker,and finally...
  8. R

    Budget Wireless Repeater

    Hi Guys, Although I did find couple of similar posts here but those are kind of outdated I live in a 3 BHK flat and the current router (WR841N TP Link) is situated in my room. The signal doesn't work great when im in other rooms. FOr instance, sometimes in the other room at same spot, I'd get...
  9. C

    Extending Range of WiFi TP-Link TD-W8968

    I have a TP-Link TD-W8968 modem. That connect to BSNL DSL. Laptop on other room have problem connecting to WiFi, it get disconnected. This is HP laptop, its WiFi reception is not so good as Dell (Dell laptop work with out much issue on the same room). How i extend WiFi range, so this room...
  10. T

    Range of TP Link W8968

    How is the range of the TP Link W8968? If I place it in 1 room, will the signal reach another room 2 walls away? (10mts). Will the signal reach another floor? Place explain your usage scenario and resulting signal strength. Thanks
  11. I

    Please answer

    Kindly tell me if I can share a lan internet connection in my room over wifi through a router?? If yes, then how??
  12. A

    AC Tonnage.. suggest pls..

    Looking to buy 2 acs from Sharp. Confused if i should get 1.1 ton or 1.5 ton. rooms are 120 and 145. Its ground floor.. multistory building apartment. small room has no sun facing side. bigger room has one very small balcony north west facing. one question is that If i go for a 1.5T inverter in...
  13. L

    Suggest 42" and ~48"; TVs (combined budget 140k)

    I'm looking for two televisions, one for dad's room (47" to 50") and the other for my room (40" to 42"). 47" to 50" TV requirements- TV with good picture and audio quality. 1080p resolution. 3D not required. Usage : Normal TV viewing (HD Set-top box). 40" to 42" TV requirements- 3D TV...
  14. A

    Help me in choosing a room heater

    Hi digitans, I am looking to buy a room heater in budget range. I don't need very powerful heater, a moderate one is enough. For rainy nights and on winter. As this is my first buy and my budget is in the lower end I wish to buy it @ around 2K, the lower the better. My concerns,1) what are...
  15. B

    Buying AC for 260 sq ft room-Major Problems

    I currently live in a hostel on university and i have a large 20 x 13 feet room on the second level. I've been living here for last 3 years and must for another 2. I bought a 3star 2.0 ton split Panasonic AC in 2011 (cs-yc24mky), which is a power hog at 10.1 amps of running current and 2280...
  16. Anorion

    You Have to Win the Game

    * Downloads in link for Window, Mac and Linux, also on Steam made short video of interesting bits. the gameplay is really frustrating. a8u62jXPZZ8 It's a platformer, that looks like the original prince of persia or dave. The...
  17. S

    Help in buying air conditioner

    I changed my room and i wanna buy a new ac for my new room , my room is about 210 sq foot , i wanna know if 1 ton ac would be sufficient for my room or not? (I want window ac for this room) I wanna buy one more ac for another room which is about 180 sq foot . (I want split ac for this room)...
  18. U

    Need help buying an AC for 130 sq feet room

    Hi guys. Need an ac for 130 sq feet room. Room is on the first floor. And walls are not directly exposed to sunlight but roof is. I'm considering getting a 1.2 ton Hitachi ac because of low power consumption. But I'm not sure if 1.2 ton is enough for my room. My budget is 35k max. Please suggest...
  19. T

    PXE boot error

    plz help.. bought lenovo g500 i3 rd gen laptop few days ago.. my room mate used it when i was out.. and its giving this error..
  20. T

    Need Suggestions for new split ac for small room

    Hi guys...i need to buy a new split ac for my 70 sq feet room. Preferred size will be 0.75 or 1 ton. Please suggest me best model and brand. Max budget is Rs 25000. Can stretch to Rs 30000 if it is really worth that much. This is my first split ac so please suggest me which features i should...
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