1. Skyh3ck

    Moving to Delhi for few months, Need help for Room, Travel etc !!!!

    Hi friends, i am from Mumbai, and will be moving to Delhi for job purpose for few months, i need help from people from Delhi on finding a room at affordable rent, easy way to commute between office to room. My office is in Chankyapuri area, i have never been to Delhi earlier so no idea about...
  2. K

    Requesting split ac installation for semi underground room.

    Hi, I live in a small town near tirupur, tamilnadu. I am planning to start ENT clinic in a prominent location but could get only a semi underground Hall. The Hall has no windows and the consultation room is planned at the rear end of the Hall by partitioning. Room dimension will be 15×20...
  3. N

    Speakers for PC within Rs. 5000

    Guys, Please suggest as to which speakers to buy for my room. Size 10 * 12. I will be mainly using it for watching movies. Want Home Theater like feeling in my room. Some of the models i researched are: 1.) Sony SRS D9 - Rs. 4699 2.) Creative T6160 3.) F&D F3000U 4.) Edifier X600 Also. u...
  4. N

    Router suggestion_less than Rs. 2000

    guys, really confused as to which router to buy.. I am staying in a 2BHk flat.. Currently, i have Belkin Basic Router. But its range is pathetic. It is kept in one corner of the living room which is L Shaped . I cannot get the range even if i move in the middle room. So guys please suggest...
  5. B

    Remotely restart modem

    This is my modem: D-Link DSL-2730U Wireless N 150 ADSL2 4-Port Router - D-Link: I can open the admin page with I face connection problems with BSNL, and often restarting the modem helps in reconnecting, but for this I have to go to the other room and manually...
  6. $hadow

    Buying AC need help ASAP

    Hi guys Just renovated my room and now I am in the need of buying a new one ASAP. My room is 20*10 and i am looking for a 1.5ton split ac. I am looking for a brand which could serve for at least 4 to 5 years. Here is my list of AC's brand I shortlisted 1. Trane India 2. Hitachi 3...
  7. kartikoli

    Window AC + Stablizer in 40k range

    i need a window ac for my hot room which is around 200sqft and have direct sunlight on one side of a wall and sealing. Currently i was using voltas vertis 2Ton window ac and i never had any issue but now i have sold it as it started giving problem after 6yrs of use Now i believe any good ac...
  8. RohanM

    WI-FI router with modem or w/o modem confusion !

    Hello TDF, I am currently using a wired "pronet" ADSL modem for my BSNL BB. What I wanted to know is that I want to set up a WI-FI hotspot in my room so that I can use net on my droid. SO the real question is do I only need a router without modem [as I am already having a wired modem] or do...
  9. C

    Need advice to buy a 1.5 ton AC

    Hellos Everyone ! Just joined forum yesterday. I Need AC for my room : Length X Breadth X Height : 18 ft X 10 ft X 10 ft (with one 10 ft X 10 ft wall and rooftop exposed directly to sunlight) windows : 6ft X 6 ft Budget : 40k (Stretchable) Usage : About 4 months only in...
  10. Desmond

    Microsoft's IllumiRoom - Gaming beyond the TV

    How cool is this! More info : Source : Microsoft's IllumiRoom takes gaming visuals outside the box and onto the living room
  11. Ronnie11

    Need help with a 2 Tn AC(Window or Split??),About 45K Budget

    Need help with a 2 Tn Inverter AC-55k-60k(Updated) Hey guys, so i know there are a lot of threads for these but most of them didn't connect to what i was looking for, so hence i am opening a new thread...So i am looking for a 2 tonne AC(Preferring Split but do have a window ac slot in this...
  12. G

    LED OR Plasma

    Hi guys! I was thinking of buying a new budget is rs 50k +5k(at max).now in this range im sure I would be getting a 40" screen.other features like internet browsing or 3d are bonus but not necessary. The first question is about the display technology. I know that plasmas offer better...
  13. P

    HomePlug AV (IEEE 1901) ????----N00B question

    hello guys i want to know some detail about the HomePlug AV devices that is they r sold in pairs; first being a base station and second being at the receiving end.... thats is ok if there is only one location we need to get network access... i want to know if i need to have network access at...
  14. Jags

    Suggest 5.1 Speakers under/around 5k for small room

    Guys, Looking to purchase a 5.1 surround sound for a small room. Budget around Rs5,000. I want to connect this to my LCD. I know if I buy, say, creative inpsire then I will need to buy a connector to connect them to TV. I am ok with this if sound does not get hampered. Any suggestions...
  15. T

    Best 5.1 Speakers for 1 Lakh

    I'm about to buy a new audio system for my Living room. My living room is large (700 sqft). I have no idea which one to buy. I had planned to buy a DENON AV receiver and Energy Take classic 5.1 6 months ago but Energy take classic doesn't seemed to be available right now. So I've increased...
  16. cyborg47

    The Valve Console!

    Source - Valve will release PC/console next year - AfterDawn
  17. D

    Valve confirms Steam Box: A Console like PC for living room.

    Source: the verge Anyone excited?
  18. mitraark

    Want PC to start on AC ON

    I am leaving my room for a month , i need my PC to be running all the time. I could just leave it on and lock the room and go away but sometimes there are power cuts. Is there any way my PC will start on its on when Power comes back ? I tried to change settings in BIOS to have Boot on AC...
  19. G

    Plasma tv in daylight

    Is it true that Plasma's have to be operated in specific room settings? Never had this problem with my LED TV but the blacks looked grey on the Plasma TV with a little hint of afternoon sun in my room.
  20. C

    Please Recommend a AC

    Im thinking about buying a AC. Room Size :- 17 Ft X 12 Ft (Room has very large window) I don't know much about AC so tell me how many tonnes AC will be enough for above mentioned sized room? Which AC brand should i buy & also mention a model no. if its possible? What factor should i...
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