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Hi digitans, I am looking to buy a room heater in budget range. I don't need very powerful heater, a moderate one is enough. For rainy nights and on winter.
As this is my first buy and my budget is in the lower end I wish to buy it @ around 2K, the lower the better.

My concerns,1) what are the types of budget room heaters and its merits, I have no idea about heaters, my area isn't a cold place so no one has a room heater or know anything about it.

2) Which type or brand of room heater is more energy efficient?, which type provides conformable heating using low power?

3) Is it safe to use the heater overnight (does it have a risk of catching fire or something :-D), which type is safer?

4) Which are the good quality brands in 2k budget end? Safety, Efficiency, and durability (2 years or more). I am inclined towards Bajaj since i owned immersion heater from bajaj and they were very powerful and durable.

A few choices i have seen.
Orpat OEH 1250 Room Heater / Blower / Element Heater @1200

A very popular one, I like this type feels more safe and effective, seams to me its more or less similar to hair-dyer type heating.

Orpat OEH 1220 Element Heater @1200

Bajaj Minor Room Heater 1000

Is this type safe?

Pls share your experience on room-heater and help me choose one.


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Well, as luck would have it, I have all 4 types you mentioned...
The 3rd type you mentioned is the least effective as the heating radius is only about a few feet... Trust me, it's only good for keeping the toes warm and carries a risk of serious burn injuries as it's easy to be stumbled upon...
The 2nd you mentioned is the most effective but makes a hell lot of noise and also makes the air somewhat humid and sticky...
The first one you mentioned is a lot like the 2nd one apart from the fact that it is a lot less effective and makes a lot less noise...
The last one you mentioned, the one with the halogen lamps, is the one we use more often in our house as it is virtually quiet and provides effective heating... The light though may be a problem for some but I quite like the ambience it creates... :)
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