Can i connect my DTH box to 3RCA Male 6 RCA female cabel


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Hi i want little help i just want to ask can anyone tell me can i connect my DTH setup box to 3RCA Male 6 RCA female cabel
coz i have tv in my one room and desktop in other room and i want to watch and record one show on My desktop via External tv tuner Card but the problem is The Audio/video cabel is too short its not reach to my other Room Can anyone please let me know will it work ???


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I have done similar setup at home. I have split STB output between TV and PC. In my case the total length of cables from STB to PC including splitter is not more than 6 feet though as PC is nearby and shares the same TV as monitor. So in principle it did work at my end and I did not notice any loss of quality as such. I usually watch TV only, when I need to record something I use PC.

One thing to factor in is that your TV is in another room so you may need multiple extenders and that might effect the quality at the end.
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