1. V


    dear friends, I want to print on a dot matrix printer using the PRINT SCREEN[/u][/b] Key when I am using Windows98 command prompt. Please help me out. :roll: My email Id is
  2. photon

    Best DVD writer

    Which DVD Writer is best? :?: :?: Suggest for best DVD Writer. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  3. cooldip10

    Summer is comin..

    Hey now that summer is coming I want to know how do you keep your pc cool and workin... I blew up my memory card of 4MB during last summer while I was having a P2 Processor;;;;; :( :( :( :( Plz help me to get a way to keep pc cool :roll: :roll:
  4. Official Techie

    Internet explorer

    Why cant i open more than one internet explorer whenever i trry to a new one opens but the previous one closes :cry: :roll:
  5. cooldip10

    Can anyone solve my prob???

    Hey I've asked it many times before but no response.... Plz help me HELP ME!! :cry: :cry: :cry: WILL NFS UG RUN ON MY PC:: :roll: :roll: My PC Config: Intel 845 GV mobo 384 MB RAM 2.4 GHz P-4 onboard video and sound cards;
  6. maharajadhiraj

    need a mobile WITHOUT CAMERA within 11k

    Suggest a cell within 11k. It SHOULDN'T HAVE A CAMERA!!!!! :? :( :( :( :( :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  7. C


    can i download wit offline browser...or else.. download studio... will it workzz for me... waitin..for the repliezz... tanxx chindi chor... :roll: :wink:
  8. Official Techie

    Internat Explorer 7 beta

    I installed the 2nd beta ver of IE for a few days it was running fine but after i encountered the problem that when i right clicked on any link the option open in new tab has gone away away away heheheheh :roll: :D :) :( :o :lol: 8) :? :shock: :x :P :oops...
  9. maharajadhiraj

    what are mdf and msf files?

    I just downloaded NBA Live 2006. The files are in the form of MDS & MDF :roll: :roll: files. How do i run them?????
  10. ::vicky::

    What is Blogging????????

    Guys what is a blog or blogging i have read a smll note but cant understand wh it is :roll: :roll: :roll:
  11. wizrulz


    I have a strange problem with my cd-writer. => It can read and write the normal cds but it cannot read or write the smaller cds(185mb)? :roll: I cant figure out this problem???? Can anyone help :?:
  12. cooldip10

    Expand memory

    Hi.. I wanted to know whether I can expand my cell's memory .. my cell is nokia 6610i. It has only 3 MB internal memory.Plz help>>> :roll:
  13. N

    How to get Proxy Support for a Program?

    Hi, I have a program here which has no support for proxy.:cry: I know the address and the port it uses,but since there is no Proxy support for the program I am unable to use it. Is there any program with which I can direct the progrom to use proxy? or get the program to direct its...
  14. abhijit_reddevil

    Computer restarts when playing in Farcry "very high" setting

    My system config is: AMD 3000+ 8) 1GB RAM (512MB X 2) 8) XFX 6800GS 8) Asus A8N-E 8) 450W PSU 8) When I enable "very high" settings in Farcry from the advanced video option and try to start the game, the computer restarts. No problems are found when I try to play in the everything...
  15. sandeepthapa31

    2X R-connect from Reliance

    Dear all guys/dudes, I am starting this thread for the Relience R-connect, CDMA enabled netsurfing card. I am seeking help, should I buy this one or should I go for the GSM based Airtel/Hutch card. :? :? The major advantage with this card (2X) is that it comes with the headset and a...
  16. ::cyborg::

    scandisk blues

    iam getting sick of this problem when i run chkdsk from windows it says that "chkdsk cannot be started as window is using the drive c: so u do want to schedule the chkdsk to start when system is restared??" on saying yes system restarts and shows "cannot directly access the drive" and shows...
  17. amitava82

    help me to choose between this two speakers..

    ok guys i'm confused between this two speakers Logitech X-530 and Altech 3151. so please help me to decide which one to get. or any other you suggest at 6000/-. plz :roll: also a GOOD sound card for this speakers. is Creative Audigy 2 ZS ok or it would be over powered compared to these...
  18. S

    EbOOK on PL/SQL

    HELLO FRIENDS, can anyone give me a link to download a PL/SQL E-Book.I am searching an Ivan Barros(dont know the auther's name properly) book on SQl,PL/SQL and ORACLE.Any other book would also be a bonus. :roll: :roll:
  19. sujeet2555

    static ip address

    i have broad-band internet that gives me a dynamic ip.i want to chage it to static can i do this? :roll:
  20. L

    AMD64 problems

    My frined tells me some apps wont run on the AMD 64 processor. Also there are problems of system crashing and rebooting. Any thoughts on it?? :roll:
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