1. photon

    Removing Windows XP

    :oops: My hard disk has 4 partitions, 20 GB each. C,D,E,F. C was on 98. D was XP. Accedentally F got devided , F 7GB & H 13 GB. I want to join them back. How I can do that? During the try outs C has also upgreded to XP. How i can remove XP system files from D? :roll: :roll: :idea...
  2. B

    Dialup With Linux ??

    can any one tell me how to get in to great world of world wide web with so called secure and virus free Linux. My Linux is not detecting the internal modem. Are any driver available for dlink modems ????? I am using Redhat 9.0 , PIII , dlink internal modem . :?: :roll: :?: :roll...
  3. W

    Discussion : window$ on cd/dvd?

    ne idea or any one has done this here.. can we have a working windows gui with all my s/w's, DUN settings and hardware installed on cd/dvd rom... just an idea.... :roll: i know of winpe and bartpe also...and have both cd's with me...but need a stripped down superslim M(w)indows off through a...
  4. mariner

    how to disable win xp firewall , for good !

    hey neone knows how to permanently disable the win xp firewall. i have gone through the recommendations and checked on the box that i have a firewall installed and will manage myself but of no good. i went through the security centre and unchecked on "" check for firewall" but on bext...
  5. W

    Installing Suse9.0 from ISO..

    sorrry to ask again theraven but i thought its worth starting a new thread....i have got the ISO[700MB] of Suse 9.0. do i have to burn it to install or is there ny other way round like in redhat and mandrake? :roll:
  6. K

    Which mobo. supports AGP8x

    I plan to buy a new system. I need to know which chipset supports AGP8x... Or is it entirely different? :roll: :shock:
  7. R

    heellp!! xp lost its mind

    hi,guys and the few gals! my xp has stopped listening to me! if i change my folder icons through folder properties,it accepts but then after i close it they don seemed to have changed at all! also if i configure xp to open new folders in the same window,then also they don open in the...
  8. P

    Images in post ?

    :roll: Guys how do to add image/s in Post??
  9. J

    Yahoo bots

    When I enter into a chat room I receive a lot of messages like "ashaynn_ckfgngur520: 1g7j722 touch my keyboard *" R these some kind of bots where can we get such softwares? :roll:
  10. D

    is it ever the the right time ???

    hi guys, is it ever the time to buy a new computer... technology's come & go ...todays hotshot become obselete in a snap...but the next major trend would be the pci-express for graphics & the 64 bit processors for desktop computers(athlon fx's & intel prescotts)...all the companies are...
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