1. L

    Bruteforce DOB field on my institute's website.

    Hi guys. The institute in which I'm currently studying displays internal examination results on its website. To get the result, one has to enter his/her roll number along with his/her date of birth. Does anyone around here know how to bruteforce the DOB field. I have generated a date wordlist...
  2. Empirial

    LG Optimus G now available in India for Rs. 30990

    LG Optimus G (E975) is now available in India from online retailer Saholic. The LG Optimus G was announced back in August, which went on sale in Korea in September 2012. It has a 4.7-inch (1280 x 768 pixels) True HD IPS + Display with 15:9 aspect ratio, 1.5GHz quad-core processor Qualcomm...
  3. B

    Please suggest an automation software

    please recommend me a software which will best suit my needs. what i require is that this website West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Result has a database of results of a particular examination. there is an edit box where you can put in your roll number. if u do that it will display...
  4. Achuth

    Looking For Mods

    Heyy Digitians, Im lookin to Create a new forum by the name of Technik. i have got a hosting service set up and SMF installed in it . I need Some Of you people to Moderate the Forum.anyone interested contact @ basic coding knowledge required as i dont have any !! :roll:
  5. Charley

    MSN Messenger installation error

    I get this error in the screenshot. It went to 100 % & then did the roll back showing the error. Any help what is wrong ? [img=]
  6. rollcage

    I want to buy Wii!

    hey guys I want to buy Wii, any suggestions, 8) does any one of you have Nintendo Wii?? where can I get a good deal. :mrgreen: regards roll
  7. kool

    UPTU website is hacked... !!!!!!!

    **************UPTU website is hacked... !!!!!!! Really.. this thing has left me shocked... some hours ago i just went to the UPTU (Uttar Pradesh Technical University) website and opened my bro result (B.Tech First Year..).. in the NAME column it says "Hacked by:Gaurav_Raj420 " and in FATHER'S...
  8. P

    Rock and roll

    YOU GOT RICK ROLL'D! cant see? click this --> CLICK
  9. V

    introduction of Pipe Dream

    :pA funny game which be download from appstore: Pipe Dream Test your sense of balance! Marbles are loaded into pipes of different shapes and positions. Tilt your iPhone so the marbles will roll out of the pipes and fall into the catching plates below. Your goal is to make sure each plate...
  10. D

    BSNL Broadband

    I have two connection in two house one is home 500 Plan and other is 750 Plan. In my house it is 500 plan and other house where my uncle stay they have 750 plan. And if I want to use the 750 plan in my computer what should I do. I have the password and user id. And same thing can I do in my...
  11. A

    Roll back ie 7

    Hi Friends, We, here in our company cant able to roll back ie 7 which is automatically pushed by domain contraoller thru windows updates. Kindly help us to install ie 6/roll back ie7. Urgent Need. Waiting for reply Vijay Athreyan
  12. ajex

    FS: 61 key midi Roll *p piano

    Hey all, Currently selling on amazon at $129 + shipping link ---> ROll Up Piano - Yamano Hand ROll Piano - Digital & Portable 61 Keys Roll-Up Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard with 16 MIDI Output Channels Design by the INVENTOR YAMANO JAPAN - (The ONLY brand Voted as one of "THE MOST...
  13. vasulic

    uninstall quickoffice

    Hi all. I have install QuickOffice v4 demo downloaded from an unknown website. After the trial peroid. They ask me to buy the software. which i cannot do. Now I can't even view excel files. Any idea how to roll back to the free version? or uninstall? I tried removing it from file manager but of...
  14. Batistabomb

    need help - pirates of carribean

    guys actually i had been struck at 2nd level wher a huge monster comes with a large stick to attack us, actually here we should roll her in to the pot so that the other guy will throw a rock on her from up,but how can we put such a huge structure in a pot

    Top 20 Movie Insults

    eel free to roll out any of the following twenty withering put-downs in everyday situations and wait for the kudos to roll in. Source
  16. max_demon

    what happnes if i break digit CD?

    Search this Exact phrase "what happnes if i break digit CD?" in google image search .See the first result!!! You will Roll on floor laughing out loud!!!:D:D:D:D:D
  17. krates

    Create a drag mask (flash)

    i found a link which tells u about how to create a drag mask like a picture is not displayed but when u roll over the mouse u will see it
  18. ::vicky::

    c programming book

    hi guys :lol: iam new to c programming and only 2 months are left for my exams i want to a nerd in c can anybody suggest me a hard copy of any book for beginner to advance level plz help thanks in advance :roll: :roll:
  19. ::vicky::

    Joining to MIDI files

    hi guys is there any way that i can join two midi i mean when first end second shouls start without waiting i hope u r getting me i mean making one midi from two thanks :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  20. Official Techie

    My internet

    :roll: :roll: Today morning when i thought to check my mails a horrobly horrible thing happened to me as i clicked on the favourite icon of IE 7 for hotmail The page showed it was loading but nothing showed on the screen this is happening with many sites but websites like google or
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