1. nix

    i need simple ringtone for nokia 1110i

    actually, my dad's going to use this cell...he wants the ordinary (tring-tring) or any other simple ringtone....nothing fancy...problem is there are no simple inbuilt ringtones in the 1110i. how do i download them? where do i downlaod them from? or can i compose them? if so how? i found a...
  2. L

    Which mobile phone?

    I am currently looking to buy a new mobile phone. So, thought of sharing this with ForumW guys. Which mobile phone is good and you suggest me to buy?? I want: Cost: $108 (approx) A little up down, if I get much better phone. Camera with video recording FM Radio MP3 Player Bluetooth...
  3. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Louder Ringtones on SE Z550i?

    I have a SE z550i, which I feel has quite a mediocre volume when the phone rings. But recently I recieved an mp3 ringtone via bluetooth 4m a frends NOKIA 6233 and once i have set the tone, I can hear a tremendous difference in the volume levels and its way 2 loud than those files being edited...
  4. S

    Nokia Ring Tone - Attraction

    Hello Friends, I am looking for NokiaStock Tune named ATTRACTION, to donload/install on my K750i. But Nokia don't have any functions like send Ringtone via SMS, where can I get the same?
  5. asif1231

    how to set mp3 songs as ringtone in 6600

    guys i want to set mp3 songs as ringtone in my nokia6600 pls tell what software i need and can anyone give me the luink to download it.
  6. G

    SE Z550i Low Ringtone-Help

    I have purchased SE550i-3 weeks, wonderful featured phone for Rs. 7500/-. Can any one suggest me for the following; -My Ringtone volume is very low, suggest any higher volume ringtone. -Tips to increase Battary Life, Now I am getting only 8 Hours. :rolleyes:
  7. arunks

    suggest a ringtone for my new n70 mobile phone

    Hey guys at first i shuld tell u that i bought a n70 1 month back.... i have default nokia trin trin tone .... when it rings in presence of somebody then he/she says "n70 leke bhi sasti ringtone, kya phayda itne paise lagaane ka.." u can understand.. dont assume me a idiot.. i m gadget...
  8. M

    convert mp3 to ringtone

    ;) I want to convert mp3 to ringtone , ....now I find mp3 to ringtone gold at *www.oursdownload.com , it is wonderful for me .
  9. int86

    Wanted Titanic & Nescafe ringtone

    Can anybody locate Titanic and Nescafe midi ringtones for me.
  10. C

    Few questions on W700i

    Hello Friends, Brought w700i . great phone with rich features. few thing I am unable to get. may be some expert guys here will be able to answer me. 1) I have a logitech bluetooth headset. I got my phone paired but when it rings i only hears a same kind of ringtone in my headset (i didn;t...
  11. R

    a mobile with various options of ringtone ??

    I want to know on which kind of mobile I can record any type of voice ( say I record one announcement from TV ) and set it as a ringtone ? and can we assign something like if an incoming number starts with 9122 then I can assign it to mumbai , 9133 to kolkata like that ?/ I am going to...
  12. P

    Covert mp4 to 3gp

    hi guys i got problem is converting mp4 to 3gp..have anybody done that? its not working in mpegable 4. wot soft is best and working?? for the conervsion of this..?? and by the way inmy nokia n70..wotever ringtone ill change..the default ringtone is played..do any 1 have this problem?? plz...
  13. sourav

    Help! Nokia 6600 for video ringtone and mo3 ringtone

    I want my nokia 6600 to have mp3 as ringtone and also video as ringtone. Plz give me the name of the softwares needed for it. I would be really happy if you can give me the address also. thanx in advance.
  14. tarey_g

    Ringtone for the youth

    For classrooms where cellphone use is forbidden, students have found a ring tone that many adults cannot hear ;) This ringtone consists of a very high pitch sound which is audiable to only the young , have fun . Download from here ...
  15. M

    ringtone download???

    i went to rediff ringtone download and sms'ed POLY 10639 to 7333.I got a SMS that i will get a service message wherer from i can download the ringtone .But till now(15 min have gone) i havent received any service message. Can anyone tell the proocedure to get the ringtone.
  16. gauravsuneja

    which mobile handset has the loudest ringtone feature ?

    which mobile handset has the loudest ringtone feature and support multiple sound format especially mp3 as ringtone?
  17. H

    Ringtone software required

    hey can anyone tell me the name of the software by which i can make ringtones for my nokia mobile (3120 & 6600)... well i have a 30sec. music clip and i want to convert in as a ringtone... and then shre it with my friends.. so plz can u suggest a software for making ringtone from sound clips.. :D
  18. Gaurav

    Listening to ringtone using opera

    how do i listen to ringtones on the website "*ringtones.indiatimes.com/ringtone/website/index.jsp" using opera 7.54u1. When i click the 'CLICK' button it shows me some message and i am not able to play the ringtone. Don't wanna use IE. help[/img]
  19. S

    MP3 to ringtone

    i just want to know whether there is some software which could convert any MP3 to Nokia Key press format ringtone. I will be happy if that is going to be a freeware :)
  20. H

    Nokia Battery Consumption Ratio

    Friends, I want to know which thing in mobile take maximaum battery cnsumption. Is it Ringtone, Vibrator, Radio, Playing Games or any other thing.
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