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Ringtone software required

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hey can anyone tell me the name of the software by which i can make ringtones for my nokia mobile (3120 & 6600)... well i have a 30sec. music clip and i want to convert in as a ringtone... and then shre it with my friends.. so plz can u suggest a software for making ringtone from sound clips.. :D


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Could you please mention the format of the sound clip? 6600 supports MID, AMR and WAV files as ringtones (Don't exactly know about your other phone but it surely must support MID)


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well itz like tht i require a software .. tht can make ringtones compatable with most of the mobile phones.. i think the format must be mid... and some lower end need mono ringtones... :)

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
The Best option is download Nokia PC Suite...
It contains Nokia Sound Converter utility, which is able to convert any MIDI file into compatible format for every Nokia phone...


na yaar the best is to use

coding workshop ringtone converter

and yamha's wave to mmf converter

then convert mf to midi using CWRC


get Nokia Multimedia converter available from forum Nokia. You have to register(free) to get the serial. You can convert any mp3 to AMR which is supported by Nokia 6600. I believe AMR will be supported by your other fone too


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wav and mp3 are the most common ringtone formats .... 6600 can support mp3 (it supports wav by default) .... for mp3 ringtones in 6600 all u need is a codec which i cannot post here for obvious reasons ..... to create ringtones use soundforge and save them in either if the 2 formats
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