1. kool

    ►►► RingTone , notification, whatsapp tones auto changing to DEFAULT tone in ICS, plz help me.

    Hi , I have Micromax A100 which has ICS OS. Problem is that when i set my customize tones for Ringtone, SMS, Notification, Whatsapp etc. After sometime it changes to boring stock tones. I dont understand how it changes back to default tone. I tried all d way to change but it works for 2-3...
  2. D

    how to assign a mp3 song as ringtone in Nokia Lumia 610?

    how to assign a mp3 song as ringtone in Nokia Lumia 610?
  3. A

    nwwd help for creating loud and clear ringtone for N*

    Hi all, I need your help for creating loud and clear ringtone for N8...plz tell me settings or any software which i can use to produce tht result
  4. koolbuddy92


    There's this ringtone which I really like, and I wanted the whole song. But the problem is I can't find it. The site from where I downloaded the ringtone claims it to be an NFS Carbon soundtrack, but I've checked all of'em and none matches it. Here's a link to the ringtone: Nfs_Carbon.mp3...
  5. S

    How to Make Full Use of Your iPod on Mac/Windows

    Put DVD on your iPod? Download video to your iPod? Transfer files on iPod to computer/ipod/iphone? Make pleasant ringtone for your iPhone? iPod software Pack is such a piece of software that can solve all these problems. It is combined with DVD to iPod converter, ipod video...
  6. prashant9918


    I want a ringtone from Tum Bin movie.....Koi Fariyaad ....In this song there is some aalap kind of music like hmmm hmmm hhmmmmmm ...which is sung by Jagjit Singh ...I want that theme music in electric guitar tune....I know there are many digitians know how to play guitar....If any one of them...
  7. S

    How to make your own free iPhone Ringtone(Windows/Mac)

    For iPhone users: Have many favorite music/songs? Be crazy for episodes of videos or movies? Want make them to be your own special iPhone Ringtone? Now with the Aiseesoft iPhone Ringtone Maker and Aiseesoft iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac, you can easily make your own iPhone Ringtone and enjoy...
  8. Dalton

    convert swf to audio fomat

    Hi folks! Is it possible for me to convert my audio files that are in my swf files to my mobile ringtone? Thanks in advance.
  9. Pearl Groupz

    Condom' ringtone a smash hit in India

    The condom capella (a capella is a vocal musical composition without instrumental support) could hardly excite Indians, felt many. More so when the word condom itself is taboo here. Yet, the song has been downloaded an astonishing 1.5 lakh times in the last 10 days. Till Thursday evening...
  10. codename_romeo

    Ringtone neededd

    Can anyone post links to ringtone......the new Nokia express music one which is being aired now a days???????
  11. krates

    what's the ringtone you have set in your cell

    Currently my ringtone is Teriyaki boyz - Tokyo drift download post your's in this way we will get to know some good ringtones
  12. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Ringtone.. Awesome one

    Superb Ringtone download from here Wife warning !! check out here http://www.zedge.net/ringtones/1339/sony-ericsson-w610-ringtones/0-4-1-3/
  13. Z

    Need help

    Hi i got myself a N82 couple of days back . Evrything worked fine but from today morning it is giving me a little trouble... the ringtone is giving a funny sound but when the music is played on the music player it is good and doing well ... only when an incoming call comes the ringtone changes...
  14. Krazy_About_Technology

    Sony Ericcson W660i Ringtone sound problem! Plz help

    Hi Guys, I just 4 days back purchased a w660i walkman phone from sony ericsson. Its great in every aspect and i love it for its responsive software and great features including 2 MP camera, walkman music system and a very functional HTML browser. But today i noticed that the ringtones that...
  15. S

    Looking for the Washing Powder Nirma mp3 ringtone

    If anyone has the Washing powder Nirma ringtone in mp3 format pls post it here. Thanks.
  16. gxsaurav

    Which ringtone do u use?

    Hey, let's all post the ringtone we use here...what say? You can upload it on megashare.com I use The a la manthe from Ocean's 12.
  17. krates

    A ringtone that can only be heard by teenagers

    Receiving sms and calls in classes has became easier there are ringtones available which can only be heard by teenagers we call this phenomenon “presbycusis”. This phenomenon is based on our losing ability to hear higher frequency sounds. The high pitch is 18 to 20 khz. So enjoy !!! now don’t...
  18. Cool G5

    Vodafone ringtone wanted

    Guys can anyone upload the new vodafone ringtone?Thanks.
  19. S

    HOT charbusting ringtone

    Amaze your friends with the your HOT charbusting ringtone visit www.latestmobiletones.com
  20. M

    How to make Good quality WAV ringtone ?

    Hey friends, I want to make WAV ringtone.......its should be upto max.1mb and also its should be of superior sound quality. neone knows how to do that ? which software is best ? Kindly reply........ Thxx in advance. Regards, Manoj
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